Tandjilé Region

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Coordinates: 9°24′N 16°18′E / 9.400°N 16.300°E / 9.400; 16.300

Map of Chad showing Tandjilé.
Map of Chad showing Tandjilé.
Country Chad
Departments 2
Sub-prefectures 13
Regional capital Laï
 • Governor Jules Mbaïgoto (2010)
Population (2009)
 • Total 682,817

Tandjilé is one of the 22 regions of Chad and its capital is Laï.


The region had 458,240 inhabitants in 1993, of whom 442,876 sedentary (rural, 385,537; urban, 57,339) and 15,364 nomad. In 2009 the total population was 682,817.

The main ethnico-linguistic groups are the Marba (19.85%), the Nangtchéré (13.62%), the Lélé (13.93%), the Ngambay (12.62%) and the Gabri (10.61%).


The region of Tandjilé is divided into two departments:

Department Capital (chef-lieu) Sub-prefectures
Tandjilé Est Laï Laï, Deressia, Dono Manga, Guidari, N'Dam
Tandjilé Ouest Kélo Kélo, Baktchoro, Béré, Bologo, Dafra, Delbian, Dogou, Kolon