Tăng Thanh Hà

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Tăng Thanh Hà
Tăng Thanh Hà in 2008
Born Tăng Thị Thanh Hà
(1986-10-24) October 24, 1986 (age 27)
Tiền Giang, Vietnam
Other names Hà Tăng
Occupation actress, model
Years active 2002-present
Height 1m66 (5 ft 5 in)[1]
Spouse(s) Louis Nguyen [2]
Awards HTV Awards

Tăng Thanh Hà (born Tăng Thị Thanh Hà Oct 24, 1986 in Gò Công, Tiền Giang, Vietnam) is a prominent Vietnamese actress and model.[3] She is Toshiba's brand ambassador to Vietnam.[4]

Early life[edit]

She was born on October 24, 1986 in Gò Công, Tiền Giang in a family of Chinese descent.[5] When her family business did not go well, she helped her mother out making ends meet:[6] At the age of 11, Tang woke early to assist with preparing food for later distribution to customers.[6] At this time her mother enrolled her in night acting classes at Idecaf.[6]


When she was 16,[6] director Lưu Trọng Ninh asked her to portray Trang in the movie Dốc tình.[6] Although only a minor role, Thanh Ha caught the attention of the film world. She went on to play Mộng Cầm in Hàn Mặc Tử[6] - a film about the celebrated Vietnamese poet -, and won critical acclaim.[6] She was also cast in Hương phù sa in the role of Út Nhỏ[7] and in several ads.[6] She won the Best lead actress award from the Ho Chi Minh city television station in 2006.[8] At this point, however, she left acting to study hotel administration in Singapore[6] just as she became recognized as an up-and-coming actress on television and on the big screen.[9] Upon returning to Vietnam the next year, she was given the leading role in the multi-episode television drama Bỗng dưng muốn khóc.[10][11] In 2008, she landed a role in Đẹp từng centimét.[12] At the end of 2009 she was selected by director Nguyễn Phan Quang Bình to be in Cánh đồng bất tận (The Floating Lives) based on a novel of the same name by female writer Nguyễn Ngọc Tư.


  • Best dressed actress of 2008 according to Mốt magazine VN
  • Best-liked TV actress during 2008-2009 (as Trúc in the movie Bỗng Dưng Muốn Khóc)[15]

Personal life[edit]

She married to Louis Nguyễn, a Vietnamese-Filipino entrepreneur, in November 2012 after three-and-a-half years of dating.[16]



Title Year Role Notes
Dốc tình 2004 Trang
Hàn Mặc Tử 2004 Mộng Huyền (AKA Mộng Cầm) second-lead
Hương phù sa 2005 Út nhỏ lead
Bỗng dưng muốn khóc 2008 Trúc second-lead
Ngôi nhà hạnh phúc (Vietnamese version) 2009 guest star



  • Người phố Hoa


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