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Tangentielle Nord
Sartrouville (A)({{[1]}})
Sartrouville Val Notre-Dame
Val d'Argenteuil ({{[1]}})
Argenteuil ({{[1]}})
Phase 2
Phase 1
Epinay-sur-Seine (C)
Epinay-Villetaneuse ({{[1]}})
Pierrefitte-Stains (D)
Dugny-La Courneuve
Le Bourget (B)
Phase 1
Phase 2
Bobigny-La Folie
Noisy-le-Sec (E)(1)

The Tram Express Nord (known as the Tangentielle Nord during the planning phase) is a future suburban tram-train line in France.


The route is planned to be 28 km long, from Sartrouville to Noisy-le-Sec, in the northern suburbs of Paris. It will have interchanges with existing SNCF Transilien trains, trams, metro, and RER lines A, B, C, and D.[1] There will be 6 new stations and 8 interchange stations.


The project was granted approval in May 2008.[2] The project was planned by STIF but is being jointly managed by SNCF and RFF.[3]

The Tram Express Nord will be built in two phases. The first phase, from Epinay-sur-Seine to Le Bourget, is planned to open in 2017; the remaining sections of the route (from Sartrouville to Epinay-sur-Seine, and from Le Bourget to Noisy-le-Sec) will open by 2023.

Tram Express Nord cost is estimated to 1.5 billion euro.

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