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Tangerinn, Morocco

The Tangerinn is a bar in Tangier, Morocco, a place of nostalgia for fans of beat generation or beatnik poets. The bar is adjoined to the Hotel El Muniria where author William S. Burroughs wrote his famous novel Naked Lunch in room #9. This bar is one of the last reminders of the Interzone days. Pictures of beat generation poets such as Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac hang on the walls. Thesedays it is one of the city's most known bars, and musically, The Tangerinn is known for incorporating different musical styles a mix between Electro, Hip-Hop,R'n'B, Dance and House, It is one of the few bars that doesn't close its doors during the winter season. The bar receives visitors from different ages and nationallities, but mostly youngs from 20 to 40, opens only starting 21h:00 all week during summer & week-ends (Fridays & Saturdays) during the winter.