Tanghe County

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Tanghe County
Traditional Chinese 唐河縣
Simplified Chinese 唐河县
Hanyu Pinyin Tánghé xiàn

Tanghe County, administered by Nanyang, Henan, People's Republic of China. Its ancient name was Tangzhou (唐州).

This county consists of 20 townships and 503 administrative villages, with the population being approximately 1,280,000 and total area being 2,512 km². The town of Tanghe where the county government locates has more than 100,000 citizen. The urban area expands very quickly, especially westwards, under the background of estate boom across China. Thee local economy is mainly based on agriculture, including wheat, cotton, pears etc. The investment and support from the Tanghers who work out of Tanghe is very important to local economy.


Public Transportation[edit]

City bus is operating within Tanghe city. Connections between Tanghe city and all its towns are provided by buses.

Notable residents[edit]

Philosopher Feng Youlan was born in Tanghe in 1895. Expect for following his father Feng Taiyi in Hubei province between 1904 and 1908, Feng lived in Tanghe before leaving for Kaifeng to study in Chinese Public School in 1911.

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