Tania Fiolleau

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Tania Fiolleau
Born 1971
Vancouver, British Columbia
Occupation Activist
International Speaker
National TV Talk Show Host
Language English
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity French Russian
Citizenship Canada
Education Bachelors
Genre Autobiography
True crime
Subject Human trafficking
adult entertainment industry
Notable works Founder of Save The Women International.
<--www.savethewomen.ca -->

Tania Fiolleau (born 1971)[1] is an activist against human trafficking, prostitution, and the sex industry.[2] In 1996, she divorced her husband, who had been abusing her; he was convicted four times. He subsequently fought with her for the next five years for custody of their two sons.[1] She applied for legal aid, but was rejected, and she began staying at a women's shelter with her children.[3] In order to finance her fight to retain custody of her sons, Fiolleau responded to a vague classified advertisement. She thereby entered the sex industry and became a famous Madam married to the Mafia.[4] Fiolleau became a madam in charge of four brothels. Fiolleau was married into the Russian mafia. She eventually left the sex industry and became an Ordained Pastor.[5] She once had five hundred prostitutes working under her.[6] She later said, "I do apologize publicly for exploiting these women. I was exploited myself."[7] Fiolleau is from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and wrote Souled Out, an autobiography and bestseller.[8] A second edition of the book was published and an American film adaptation was planned.[9] In 2011, she joined Tara Teng, who was Miss Canada at the time, for the Ignite the Road to Justice tour, which travelled to 10 Canadian cities raising awareness about human trafficking.[10] Tania is currently a TV Talk show host on Joy TV Network. Fiolleau is an international speaker and ordained Pastor. Fiolleau is the foundress of Save the Women International Organization. Tania is a veteran master martial artist acquiring black belts mastering the skills in Jui-jitsu,Russian Sambo,Pankration,Korean Kick-boxing,Thai-Kwon-Do.


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