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Tanishq Abraham
Born June 2003 (age 11)
Sacramento, California, United States

Tanishq Mathew Abraham (born June 2003) was born in America with Indian descent.

When Tanishq's younger sister, Tiara Thankam Abraham (born December 2005), became a member of Mensa at 4 years of age in 2010, the two became the youngest siblings to join the high-IQ society. Tanishq and Tiara are the youngest South Asians (by ethnicity) to join Mensa and among the youngest Americans in Mensa.[1] To join Mensa, one needs to score in or above the 98 percentile on a Mensa-approved standardized IQ test. Tanishq scored 99.9 percentile and Tiara scored 99 percentile on the test.[2] In June 2014, he graduated from high school.[3]


Born in Sacramento, California, US, to Bijou Abraham, a software engineer, and his wife Dr. Taji Abraham, a doctor of veterinary medicine, both from Kerala, India, Tanishq Abraham showed signs of a high IQ at an early age. At six, he took online high school and college level classes in subjects such as chemistry, paleontology, biology, and geology.[4][dead link][citation needed] He was the youngest student ever to enroll in on-campus graded courses at the college. His only friends are some of his middle aged, college female classmates.[5]

Apart from being the top student in most of his college classes, he has maintained a perfect 4.0 grade point average. At the end of Spring 2012 semester, with a GPA 4.0, 8 year old Tanishq became the youngest student eligible to be a member of the honor society Phi Theta Kappa and in December 2012, he became a member. At 10 years old, Tanishq became the youngest office bearer of Phi Theta Kappa when he served the role of Vice-President of Communications from 2013 to 2014 at American River College. In addition to the classes he is taking at American River College, he is also being home-schooled, and the curriculum involves college courses.[6]

Abraham officially passed his high school requirements in March 2014 and received his high school diploma in a private graduation ceremony on June 8, 2014[7]


Tanishq was featured in the premier episode of the PRODIGIES show by THNKR, a YouTube educational channel by @radical media. The show was released in July 2012 and the episode immediately became viral. Tanishq has appeared in local, national, and international news media and shows on CNN, ABC, MSNBC, FOX, Yahoo, Huffington Post, etc. Tanishq became the youngest TV medical correspondent for a national syndicated show, 'The Doctors' CBS. His first episode aired on September 12, 2012 where he & his sister Tiara, played the game 'Do you want to be an MD?'. His reporting segments were aired on October & December 2012. In May 2013, he was featured in a Japanese TV show "Unbelievable" by Fuji TV. He was invited by Esquire magazine to be in their 'Life of Man' special for the 80th anniversary Oct 2013 issue. In November 2013, Tanishq was a guest in the Queen Latifah show on an episode of 'Americas Most Talented Kids'. In 2015, Tanishq also participated in a new Lifetime series titled "Child Genius" but was eliminated in episode 6, finishing in 7th place overall.


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