Tanja Jadnanansing

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Tanja Jadnanansing

Tanja Malti Jadnanansing (born 26 April 1967 in Leiden) is a Dutch politician and former television presenter and communication employee. As a member of the Labour Party (Partij van de Arbeid) she has been an MP since 17 June 2010. She focuses on matters of higher education and science policy.

Jadnanansing studied law at VU University Amsterdam. She worked among others for the Netherlands Public Broadcasting (NPO), the Netherlands Broadcasting Foundation (NOS), the Multicultural Television Netherlands (MTNL) and the Foundation Hindu Media (OHM).

Tanja Jadnanansing is an Indo-Surinamese as well as a Hindu.[1] Her father comes from Suriname and her mother from Aruba. She is married and lives in Amsterdam.


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