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Tanner Fresh
Birth name Tanner Fetch
Also known as TFresh, Fresh, Fresh City, Invincible
Born (1992-02-16) February 16, 1992 (age 23)
Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada
Genres Alternative Hip Hop,Pop,Rap,
Occupation(s) Rapper, producer, songwriter, actor, and CEO.
Instruments Vocals, Keyboard, MPK, Studio.
Years active 2006 – present
Labels Fresh City Records
Associated acts Madchild, Moka Only, Classified, Joey Stylez, Fresh City
Website www.tannerfresh.com

Tanner Fetch (born February 16, 1992),[1] better known by his stage name Tanner Fresh, is a Canadian rapper from Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. He is signed to Canada based Fresh City Records and released a group album Fresh City: Bottles Up, on November 9, 2012, which received positive reviews despite being released completely independently.[2]

Early life[edit]

Tanner Fetch was born on February 16, 1992, in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada, the son of Chantale Fetch, a high school teacher, and Brad Fetch, a provincial sports sales rep.[3] Fresh went to St. Mary High School, where he played 4 years of football and graduated in 2010.[4] Tanner has since moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to further his educational studies at Durham College.[5]


2006-Current: Career[edit]

Fresh first started rapping at the age of fifteen when he was in elementary school.[6] He worked at his craft and later began studio recording. Tanner is also part of rap group Fresh City, with fellow Saskatchewan rappers, Troy Junker and Adam Wallace.[7] Fresh City released the free album “Fresh City: Bottles Up” in 2012 as a collaborative project which was followed by a “Bottles Up” tour.[8] Fresh has performed live as his own headlining act and shared the stage with artists like Madchild, LMFAO, Swollen Members, Down With Webster, and Joey Stylez.[9][10][11] Tanner Fresh also released singles with Juno Award winner Belly and Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards winner Joey Stylez.[12][13]


In addition to rapping, Tanner Fresh, co-hosted a college radio show with his fellow classmate and friend Kyle Stiliadis. “Urban Hour” ran one hour long Wednesday episodes that began in Fall of 2013 on Riot Radio in Oshawa, Ontario.[14] The show consisted of new and old hip hop music combined with the two hosts talking about recent news focused around hip hop and the music industry.[15]

When Fresh isn't running his own radio show his music can also be listened-to and requested on many Canadian radio outlets such as CIUR-FM, CFMM-FM, and CFMC-FM.

Beat Production[edit]

In addition to rapping Tanner has also branched his business into beat production where he uses Ableton Live to create and customize his sound from the ground up. Fresh has moved toward beat production because it allows him full creative control over his art. He uses a piano with a Midi controller to find the sounds and musical riffs that he enjoys and works it all into "Fresh Beats".[16] Fresh has a musical style unlike others in his class, largely due to the beat production aspect that he brings to the table and blends it with his songwriting skills.[17]

TV & Film[edit]

Fresh's single "DTF" was synched in an episode of Jersey Shore (TV series) an American reality television series that aired on MTV.[18]


Since moving to Toronto, Tanner has ensued an acting career.[19] Being a member of Actra has seen Tanner move from his typical landscape of music into the film realm. Although Fetch's acting hasn't found its way into cinemas around the globe its definitely a start.


At the age of sixteen, while still in high school, Tanner enlisted as an infantry soldier in the Canadian Army with The North Saskatchewan Regiment. The N Sask R is part of 3rd Canadian Division's 38 Canadian Brigade Group, Tanner spent time training before resigning to pursue music.


Tanner Fresh includes hip hop legends Biggie Smalls, Eminem, and Big Sean but also lists Rock and Roll kings AC-DC, and Kiss among his influences.[20] He also has a close relationship with fellow Canadian rapper Moka Only, saying "Moka has been a big brother to me with this music thing so far. Our relationship is beyond music. He really is just my friend, whether I will be making music or not."[21][22][23]

Personal life[edit]


Tanner continues to play hockey and lacrosse balancing it around his music career. Fresh played left wing for the Senior Birch Hills Blackhawks and played Junior hockey with the Prince Albert Icehawks in the Prairie Junior Hockey League and now continues his hockey at Durham College.[24][25][26] Tanner not only plays both hockey and lacrosse but he also gives back to the sport by refereeing.[27] Fresh has Tanner has competed in box lacrosse at a National level, tending goal for the province of Saskatchewan. [28] Tanner played Junior Tier 1 in the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League with the Saskatchewan SWAT winning bronze at Founders Cup 2012.[29] Fresh also played receiver and a combination of special teams for 4 years with the 4A St. Mary High School Maruaders.[30]


Tanner Fresh is also a member of two of the world’s oldest ancient fraternal organizations known as Freemasonry and the Scottish Rite. Fresh has been a member since joining at the of age 18 at Kinistino Lodge No. 1 in his hometown of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.[31] A recently published masonic magazine described Tanner as being a young and modern mason who was the first eighteen year old to be initiated into Freemasonry in Canada.[32] Tanner said “Keeping my ties to masonry was an easy decision for me because the teachings reach far beyond the lodge and into my personal and professional life and as a result I have friends all over the world”.


Tanner tries to build a stronger community and give back to mankind whenever possible. He has previously participated in a bus pull, where a 13,00 kilogram school bus full of students was pulled up a hill, raising nearly $2500 for the Terry Fox fundraiser.[33] Tanner has also ran in Relay For Life, a cancer awareness run, and the 5 kilometer MS Walk.[34] In 2014 Fresh performed on campus of University of Ontario Institute of Technology as part of a Relay for Life campaign that raised over $11,000.[35] Tanner has grown out a movember mustache in the monnth of November for the past 3 years in order to raise awareness for Cancer.[36][37] He also has grown his hair out for a full year, where it reached an outstanding eight inches in length, in order to donate it to a child suffering from cancer. He teamed up with the Canadian Cancer Society and Pantene Beautiful Lengths so his hair can be used to make a wig and bring back the smile to a little boy or girls face.[38][39][40]




  • Danger featuring Troy Junker (2009)
  • To The Floor featuring Belly, Troy Junker, Adam Wallace, Marka (2014)
  • DTF featuring Russell Howard, Troy Junker (2011)
  • Boom featuring Fresh City (2013)
  • I Need A Dollar (2014)
  • Start from Scratch (2014)
  • I Cried a River (2014)
  • Dark Horse remix (2014)
  • Fancy Remix (2014)
  • When They're Gone (2014)
  • Hurt (2014)
  • Fresh is Back (2014)
  • Roll Up (2014)


  • Fresh City Records Mixtape (2008)
  • Fresh City Records Mixtape II (2009)
  • Fresh City: Northern Takeover (2009)
  • Fresh City Bottles Up Mixtape (2010)
  • Fresh City: Compilation (2012)
  • Coast 2 Coast Presents: Indie Top 50 Vol 188 (2013)
  • High Cut Records: This is Where It's At #003

Music Videos[edit]

  • Danger (2009)
  • Body Rock (2010)
  • Fastlane (2011)
  • She’s the One (2012)
  • Boom (2012)
  • Face Down (2013)
  • Hurt (2014)
  • Roll Up (2014)


  • Bottles Up Tour (2012) (with Madchild "Dope Sick Tour")
  • Cold as Ice (2013) (Solo)


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