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Tapas Paul
Born (1958-08-02) 2 August 1958 (age 56)
Chandannagar, West Bengal, India
Nationality Indian
Occupation Actor
Member of parliament (MP)
Years active 1980-present
Political party
All India Trinamool Congress
Spouse(s) Nandini Paul
Children Sohini Paul
Tapas Pal
Member of the India Parliament
for Krishnanagar
Assumed office
Preceded by Jyotirmoyee Sikdar

Tapas Paul (born Tapas Paul on 29 September 1958) is a Bengali actor from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He is a Member of Parliament from Krishnanagar having won in the 2009 Indian General Elections on a Trinamool Congress ticket.[1][2]


Tapas Paul did his graduation in Bio-Science from Hooghly Mohsin College under University of Burdwan.[1][3]

Film career[edit]

Paul's first movie appearance was in 1980, in the film Dadar Kirti, directed by Tarun Majumder. He received a Filmfare Award for his role in Saheb.[3] He acted in many other movies such as Bhalobasha Bhalobasha and Guru Dakshina.


Film Co-actors Year Director
Dadar Kirti Mahua Roychoudhury, Debasree Roy, Sandhya Roy 1980 Tarun Majumdar
Surer Bhubaney Indrani Dutta, Rupa Ganguly, Prosenjit Chatterjee 1992 Prabir Mitra
Maya Mamata Chumki Chowdhury 1993 Anjan Choudhury
Samapti Debasree Roy 1983 Bijoy Bos
Chhokher Aloy Debasree Roy 1989 Sachin Adhikari
Antaranga Satabdi Roy 1988 Dinen Gupta
Saheb Mahua Roychoudhury, Madhabi Mukherjee, Utpal Dutt 1981 Bijoy Basu
Parabat Priya Mahua Roychoudhury, Debasree Roy 1984 Dipranjan Bose
Deepar Prem 1984
Abodh Madhuri Dixit 1984 Hiren Nag
Baidurya Rahosya Moonmoon Sen 1985 Tapan Singha
Anurager Chowa Mahua Roychoudhury 1986 Johor Biswas
Pathbhola 1986 Tarun Majumdar
Abodh (Hindi) Madhuri Dixit 1986 Hiren Nag
Bhalobasha Bhalobasha Debasree Roy 1986 Tarun Majumdar
Ashirbad Mahua Roychoudhury 1986 Biresh Chattopadhyay
Guru Dakshina Satabdi Roy 1987 Anjan Choudhury
Agaman Sandhya Roy, Debasree Roy 1988 Tarun Majumdar
Pratik Chiranjit, Soumitra Chatterjee, Raakhee 1988 Prabhat Roy
Apan Amar Apan Satabdi Roy 1990 Tarun Majumdar
Bolidan Raakhee 1990 Anil Ganguly
Parashmani Satabdi Roy, Sandhya Roy 1988 Tarun Majumdar
Surer Akashe Debasree Roy 1987 Biresh Chatterjee
Nilimay Neel Indrani Halder 1991 Biresh Chatterjee
Sangharsha Prosenjit Chatterjee, Ranjit Mallick, Chumki Chowdhury 1995 Haranath Chakraborty
Uttara 2000 Buddhadeb Dasgupta
Rin Mukti Jisshu Sengupta, Mousumi Chatterjee 2000 Dinen Gupta
Mondo Meyer Upakhyan Samata Das 2002 Buddhadeb Dasgupta
Mayer Anchal Prosenjit Chatterjee, Ranjit Mullick 2003 Anup Sengupta
Sudhu Bhalobasha Jisshu Sengupta, Rachana Banerjee, Samata Das 2005 Raj Mukherjee
Shikar Koel Mallick, Amitabh Bhattacharjee, Rajesh Sharma 2006 Saran Dutta
I Love You Dev & Payel Sarkar 2007 Ravi Kinagi
8:08 Er Bongaon Local Swastika Mukherjee, Sonali Chowdhury, Anamika Saha 2012 Debaditya
Challenge 2 Dev, Pooja Bose 2012 Raja Chanda
Khiladi Ankush Hazra, Nusrat Jahan 2013 Ashok Pati


Political career[edit]

He is a member of All India Trinamool Congress. He was an MLA from Alipore for two terms (2001-2006 & 2006-2009). Currently, he is the MP of Krishnanagar since 2009.


On 30 June 2014, a video emerged of a speech "apparently six to seven weeks old", by Tapas Pal in [5] In the video, Tapas Pal is reported to have threatened workers of the rival party with violence[5][6][7]

Another report said that his remarks were made during a workers' meeting in Chowmaha village on June 14, and he said:[8][9]

if any one Virodhi(opponent) touches any one Trinomool girl, any father, any child, I will raid/destroy his gushti (entire extended family). I will send my boys, they will rape and go. .... If any CPM(Communist Party of India - Marxist) worker dares to touch my Trinamool (people), I will destroy his gushti. I will have the final say on this matter: Till today they(opponent) have beaten little kids, mothers, sisters. This village's all people, those who are virodhis(opponents), I am cautioning them, be very cautions. I will live up there, and I will come every month to this village. If I hear even one bad incident, and get witness; I will not leave the culprit alone. Therefore, I am telling the virodhis, "live carefully". I am a Trinamool congress worker, not an MP, a worker. If there is any CPM worker out there in the audience, I am showing them my shoe. I am telling them, what they have done that day... when the commando force came, they(opponents/culprits) ran through this way, every one of them ran away. ... I will not say anything more, because my head is very hot(I am very angry). I am saying, everyone be careful. From today onwards, if any CPM(Communist Party of India - Marxist) touches anyone from my Trinoomul, I will end their gushti (entire extended family). (their) house, home, gushti, I will end. This I am saying clearly.

In another incident, in a second video from the village called Tehatta on the same day, Tapas Paul was seen purportedly provoking his supporters to slit the throat of opposition members.[10][11]

Humans who murder Humans cannot be Humans. Their mothers must have slept with dogs,... that's why they have murdered so many. I am saying one thing: Do not spare CPM workers... I am saying this again and again. I will finish them off. Know Boti ? Boti is for cutting necks... ...this old man and old lady, suffering so much my heart is breaking. My brothers, sisters, and friends, I am asking kindly, do not spare them(CPM), please. ...if you can kill, kill. Kill the CPM. The man who came here today, his granddaughter

In a third video from the village named Teghoria on the same day, Tapas Paul provoked his supporters to rampage the house of a CPI-M worker named Rafiqul.

Personal life[edit]

He is married to Nandini Paul. Nandini is a popular anchor of cookery shows on television[citation needed]. At present she is a participant of Bigg Boss Bangla. They have a daughter named Sohini Paul, who is also an actor in Tollywood.[12]


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