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Tara Strohmeier was an actress who appeared in memorable B-movies in the 1970s, many of them made for drive-in theater business and have since acquired large cult followings.

Her biggest role is in Van Nuys Boulevard playing a sexy car-hop, "Wanda", who falls in love with a hot-rodder named "Chooch" (played by David Hayward).

Her other roles include that of "Jill McBain" in Joe Dante's Hollywood Boulevard, and three films by Jonathan Kaplan: Truck Turner, "The 11th Victim" and "The Student Nurses", as well as a part in the John Landis cult-comedy Kentucky Fried Movie.

Other credits include "The Great Texas Dynamite Chase" (playing the sister of the late Claudia Jennings), "Malibu Beach", "Cover Girl Models", and "Candy Stripe Nurses".

Retired from acting, Tara lives in Orange County, California with her two sons.

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