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Origin Moscow, Russia
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1991–present
Labels FeeLee Records (1997–2002)
AiB Records (2003–2007)
FG Nikitin (2008–2009)
Navigator Records (since 2009)
Members Dmitry Spirin
Sergey Prokofyev
Vasily Lopatin
Alexander Pronin
Nikolai Stravinsky

Tarakany! (Russian: Тараканы!; translated as "Cockroaches!") is a Russian punk rock band.


The history of the band that is currently named Tarakany! began in Moscow, Russia in 1991. Tarakany! was one of the first punk bands to emerge from the new Russian Federation after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The first name of the band was Kutuzovsky Prospect - this is the title of street in Moscow where band members lived. A bit later the band was renamed to "Четыре таракана" (rus. four cockroaches). It has recorded its first album "Duty Free Songs" in 1992, it was distributed on tapes. Soon after that the vocalist left the band, and his place was taken by Dmitry Spirin, who still leads the band. In 1997 the band was renamed again to Tarakany!.

For the first 12 years of the band's life, Tarakany! has released nine albums and performed in more than 800 concerts. Until 2004, Tarakany! was relatively unknown outside their home country. This has changed with the release of their 10th album, Freedom Street, now available on Zurich Chainsaw Massacre Records.

They've toured Japan as well as parts of Europe, along with touring and playing large festivals in Russia. In 2003 Tarakany! organized a Russian tour, which ended with three shows in collaboration project with Marky Ramone under the name Marky Ramone & The Pinhead Army.

In January 2005, Tarakany! toured Europe with Marky Ramone on a special Ramones Night tour. Tarakany! played a set of their own material and then played a set of Ramones material with Marky on drums.

In 2013 Tarakany! released their new MaximumHappy! album (divided into two volumes). The album was recorded in Düsseldorf, Germany at Rock or Die Studio & Stereo-Labs Studio and was sponsored by bands' fans using Planeta croudfunding platform. Some of the songs at this album were recorded with Die Arzte and Anti-Flag.

Tarakany! has been influenced by the Ramones, Bad Religion, Pennywise, TSOL and others. While being labeled a punk band, they also incorporate influences from ska, metal, and other genres into their music.



Studio albums[edit]

  • 1998 - No Landing (rus. "Посадки нет")
  • 2000 - Popcorm. We taught the world to suck (rus. "Попкорм. Мы научили мир сосать")
  • 2001 - The Best is the Enemy of the Good (rus. "Лучшее Враг Хорошего")
  • 2002 - Fear and Loathing (rus. "Страх и ненависть")
  • 2003 - Freedom Street (rus. "Улица свободы")
  • 2004 - Rockets from Russia (rus. "Ракеты из России")
  • 2006 - Masters of the Universe (rus. "Властелины Вселенной")
  • 2007 - Rare Metals (rus. "Редкие Металлы", compilation)
  • 2008 - Unplugged Unlimited
  • 2009 - Fight Till Holes (rus. "Бой До Дыр")
  • 2013 - MaximumHappy vol. 1


Radio rotations and Internet releases:

  • 1995 - Don't come
  • 1995 - Farewell Majority
  • 1997 - Bad Weather (rus. "Непогода")
  • 1997 - Fool Head (rus. "Дурная Башка")
  • 1997 - Personal Jesus
  • 1998 - Train towards the Arbatskaya (rus. "Поезд в сторону Арбатской")
  • 2000 - 365 Days (rus. "365 дней")
  • 2000 - Lots of Chicks and Beer (rus. "Много телок и пива")
  • 2001 - I Look at Them (rus. "Я смотрю на них")
  • 2003 - The Boundaries of the Ghetto (rus. "Границы Гетто")
  • 2003 - Anthem of Democratic Youth of the World (rus. "Гимн демократической молодежи мира")
  • 2004 - 36.6
  • 2004 - Silence is Death (rus. "Тишина — это смерть")
  • 2006 - One of the two of us (rus. "Кто-то из нас двоих")
  • 2006 - Masters of the Universe (rus. "Властелины вселенной")
  • 2006 - Let me be alone (rus. "«Позволь мне побыть одному")
  • 2006 - Return XTC on the dance floor (rus. "Верните XTC на танцпол")
  • 2007 - 2x100 (rus. "Два по сто")
  • 2008 - My Voice (rus. "Мой голос")
  • 2008 - Masters of the Universe (vs. Noize MC)
  • 2009 - How Much Money Does God Have? (rus. "Сколько денег у Бога?")
  • 2009 - So Do It (rus. "Просто сделать это")
  • 2009 - Touch Too Much
  • 2010 - Heart of a Dog (rus. "Собачье сердце", maxi-single)
  • 2011 - Thank You! (rus. "Спасибо тебе!", maxi-single)
  • 2013 - Вags of Bones (rus. "Мешки с костями")
  • 2013 - 5 Words (rus. "5 слов")

Split albums[edit]

Live albums[edit]

  • 1999 - This is Life! (rus. "Это жизнь!")
  • 2004 - And we already rock! (rus. "А мы уже рубим!")
  • 2007 - Sharp claws. 15 years (rus. "Острые когти. 15 лет")

4 Tarakana's Albums[edit]

  • 1992 - Duty Free songs
  • 1995 - Best Before...
  • 1997 - Stole? Got Drunk?! Go to Jail!!! (rus. "Украл? Выпил?! В тюрьму!!!")
  • 1997 - Short description of previous series (1991-1996) (Краткое содержание предыдущих серий (1991–1996))


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