Tarek Najm

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Tarek Najm
Tarek Najm
Nationality American
Occupation Founder and CEO at Parllay

Tarek Najm is a technology entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder and CEO of Parllay, an audience engagement company building enterprise and consumer platforms.

Prior to Parllay, Najm was a Distinguished Engineer and Technical Fellow at Microsoft. An architect and founder of several data and monetization projects at Microsoft, Najm is known for his work in data mining, digital advertising systems, audience intelligence, knowledge and semantic search.

In 2000, Najm created and led the Online Division’s Worldwide Data Mining and Business Intelligence systems. In 2003, he created and led Microsoft Advertising Systems, Microsoft adCenter. He was also responsible for Microsoft Display Advertising and Publisher Advertising Network. In 2005, he co-founded the Microsoft Advertising Labs in partnership with Microsoft Research. In 2008, he founded the Online Division's Knowledge Web project and Semantic Entity Store. In 2010, Najm started personal recommendation system projects and semantic interest networks.

Najm left Microsoft in 2012 to focus on building a startup studio. He is the founder of five startups and technical advisor to several startups in semantic search and digital advertising.

Najm holds a degree in computer science/mathematics and 20 patents in audience intelligence, semantic search and advertising algorithms.

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