Targmanchats Vank

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Targmanchats Vank
Թարգմանչաց վանք
Aygeshat Targmanchats Vank.JPG
Ruins of Targmanchats Vank, September 2009.
Targmanchats Vank is located in Armenia
Targmanchats Vank
Shown within Armenia
Basic information
Location Aygeshat, Armavir Province,  Armenia
Geographic coordinates 40°14′09″N 44°17′21″E / 40.235869°N 44.289091°E / 40.235869; 44.289091Coordinates: 40°14′09″N 44°17′21″E / 40.235869°N 44.289091°E / 40.235869; 44.289091
Affiliation Armenian Apostolic Church
Status Ruins
Architectural description
Architectural style Armenian
Completed 6th-7th century

Targmanchats Vank (Armenian: Թարգմանչաց վանք; meaning "Translators Monastery") of the 6th to 7th century is located within the village of Aygeshat in the Armavir Province of Armenia just off of the main road through town. The site is gated and one must inquire about accessing the church.


Most of Targmanchats Vank is in ruins except for a portion of one of the wings. Massive sections of other walls remain somewhat intact though on their sides and may be seen adjacent to the church. Walls of the church are relatively unadorned and simple. Around the premise are some recent gravestones as well as other more ancient carved stones. The workings of an attempted modern restoration may be seen with the start of a new foundation and structural steel supports.



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