Tarhun (drink)

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A bottle of Tarhun (right)

Tarkhuna (Georgian: ტარხუნა) is a Georgian[1] carbonated soft drink that is flavoured with tarragon or woodruff and traditionally dyed green. It was invented in 1887 by a Georgian pharmacist Mitrofan Lagidze, who started adding carbonated water to his tarragon syrup mixes.[2] It went into mass production in the Soviet Union in 1981 and gained exceptional popularity. The drink's name comes from a popular name for tarragon in Georgian, Armenian and Persian, as well as numerous other languages like Arabic, Turkish, and several languages spoken in the Caucasus and Balkans.

Trademark status[edit]

In a trademark dispute between OÜ Acerra and AS Tallinna Karastusjoogid, the Estonian Ministry of Economy and Communications determined that the word Tarhun is a descriptive term for the drink and is thus not trademarkable under laws of the Republic of Estonia.[3] In 2014 Ryan Wood bought the patent for using the Tarhun trademark in USA.[4]