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Tariq Hussain is a Canadian singer-songwriter based in Vancouver BC.

Tariq was born in Cowansville, Quebec. His father, a Pakistani immigrant, was very concerned with his children getting a good education and it was only in his mid-teens, after his father had died, that Tariq began playing guitar.[1] At Bishop's University, he studied theatre arts. He started devoting most of his time to a music career upon moving to Calgary, Alberta in 1995.[2]

In 1997, he was signed to EMI Music Canada. His album The Basement Songs won critical acclaim, with music writers citing the maturity of the folk-rock songwriting, as the songs addressed issues of racism and religion.[1] His best-known song, "Chevrolet Way", was a Canadian radio hit in 1997 and garnered him a Juno Award nomination for Best New Artist. His subsequent independent release, While You're Down There included collaborations with Jules Shear and with Charlotte Caffey of The Go-Go's.[1]



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