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This article is about the Punjabi community. For other uses, see Tarkan.
Tarkhan, carpenter caste of the Panjab - Tashrih al-aqvam (1825)

The Tarkhan are a community commonly found in the Punjab regions of India and Pakistan. They are traditionally carpenters by occupation.[1]

The Tarkhans are a Northern Indian ethnic tribe that inhabits the Punjab, which is now divided between Northern India and northern Pakistan. Scholars such as H.A. Rose state that they are descended from the Saka tribes who were originally settled in Taxila. They are known to be of the same stock as the Jatt ethnic tribe and other tribes as they are a purely Indo-Scythian tribe. It is interesting to note that Tarkhan was a very respected title in use among some of the armies that invaded India during the reign of Tamer the Lame of Central Asia, therefore it is possible that the Tarkhans found in Punjab and the Northwestern Province are possibly the descendants of those Tarkhans.

History of Sikh Tarkhans[edit]

Sikh Tarkhans are more commonly referred to as Ramgarhias because of their reverence for the famous Misl leader, Jassa Singh Ramgarhia (1723-1803), who was a Tarkhan. A very proud and fiercely independent people, they are amongst the wealthiest and most educated clans of India. Historically, the Sikh tarkhans' occupation was Carpentry. Tarkhans have served couragously in crack Commando units of the Punjab and Sikh Regiments of the Indian Army, as brave fighter pilots and in the Navy. They were made famous on the silver screen in the Bollywood film, “Border” , which depicted their brave actions in the Battle of Longowal, a battle fought during the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971.

Notable Tarkhan people[edit]

  • Monty Panesar (Cricketer)
  • Harbhajan Singh (Cricketer)
  • Ameet Chana (Actor)
  • Peter Virdee (Business Tycoon)
  • Kulvinder Ghir (Actor)
  • Gurinder Chadha (Film Director)
  • Jay Sean (Singer)
  • Rav Matharu (Fashion Designer)
  • Bally Sagoo (Music Producer)
  • Sandeep Singh Virdee (Arts)
  • Dips Bhamrah (Radio Presenter/producer)
  • Pardeep Singh Barha (Fashion Blogger/Model)
  • Sukhwant Singh Lota (Blogger - Look A Singh)
  • Madhu Singh (Entertainer)
  • Roopa Panesar (Musician)
  • Sukhvinder Singh Pinky (Musician)
  • Kiran Matharu (European Tour Golfer)
  • Jonny Kalsi (Dhol Player)
  • Gini Bhogal (Make-up Artist)
  • Jeet Bhogal (Music Producer)
  • Indy Sagu (Music Producer)
  • Giani Zail SIngh (Former President of India)
  • Talvin Singh (Music Producer)
  • Judge Mota Singh Matharu (First Indian Judge in the UK)
  • Susan Virdee (News Presenter)
  • Jagjit Singh (Ghazal Singer)
  • Surinder Shinda (Panjabi Singer)
  • Amrita Hunjan (Former Miss India Worldwide)
  • Magic Singh
  • Tejinder Virdee (Professor of Physics)
  • Lord Indarjit Singh, Baron Singh of Wimbledon
  • Inderjeet Singh Bhogal (Methodist Minister)
  • Tigerstyle (Music Producers)

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