Tarouca Municipality, Portugal

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Flag of Tarouca
Coat of arms of Tarouca
Coat of arms
Location in Portugal
Location in Portugal
Coordinates: 41°01′N 7°46′W / 41.017°N 7.767°W / 41.017; -7.767Coordinates: 41°01′N 7°46′W / 41.017°N 7.767°W / 41.017; -7.767
Country  Portugal
Region Norte
Subregion Douro
District/A.R. Viseu
 • Mayor Mário Ferreira (PS)
 • Total 100.1 km2 (38.6 sq mi)
 • Total 8,303
 • Density 83/km2 (210/sq mi)
Parishes (no.) 10
Municipal holiday Saint Peter
June 29
Website none

Tarouca (Portuguese pronunciation: [tɐˈɾowkɐ]) is a municipality in Portugal and a city with a total area of 100.1 km² and a total population of 8,303 inhabitants, located in Norte Region and Douro Subregion.

The municipality is composed of 10 parishes and is located in Viseu District. The city of Tarouca has about 3,4000 residents;it was promoted to city in December 2004. The present mayor is Mário Caetano Teixeira Ferreira, elected by the Socialist Party.

The municipal holiday is June 29.


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