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Slogan Klub krivih mužjaka
Type of site
Humor website
Available in Serbian
Alexa rank
Increase 72,629 (December 2012)[1]

Tarzanija.com is one of the most popular Serbian humor websites. Its current ranking according to Alexa.com is 23,629 worldwide and 34 in Serbia.[1]


Tarzanija.com mostly consists of author's blogs with occasional comic called Stamenko and Mlohavko, a tale of two bananas. Their favorite topics are: loitering in Zarkovo neighborhood, amphetamines, heroine, drug dealing and similar. What makes them popular is their unique humor and original approach to contemporary topics. Censorship was almost non-existent in the early days of site, but later on, due to the pressure of advertisers like Zlatiborac Čajna Kobaja and public figures like Novak Djokovic, Tarzanija implemented new censorship strategy, which requires all of the articles to be reviewed by glodur, before publishing. If the author is dissatisfied with glodur's decision, he can file a complaint to a special Tarzanija's judicial body, called "Council of the blogosphere lords" which consists of Sixer, Wizard from the train, Preža Rasula, Vanja Bursać and Father Gavrilo.[2][3][4]

Featured writers[edit]

Tarzanija writers use pseudonymes, this is a list of standard authors:[5]

  • Gashomor
  • Zujo.Budak
  • Ox
  • Ljubo
  • Mr.Joke
  • Sixer
  • Klem Rasti
  • Drugged squirrel
  • Black Anna
  • Amitz E. Dulniker
  • Francky Delevra
  • Ariel Ultra
  • Black Hole
  • Vehbija
  • Zapata
  • Wojtek
  • HugoChavez
  • Mrs.Jackson
  • Mickey Mile

Amongst these, Black Anna, Sestara, Klem Rasti, Mr. Joke and Drugged Squirrel enjoy highest reputation in Serbian blogosphere.


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