Tasmanian state election, 1925

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Tasmanian state election, 1925
1922 ←
3 June 1925 → 1928

All 30 seats to the House of Assembly
  First party Second party Third party
  JosephLyons2.jpg Edward Hobbs.jpg Sir Walter Lee.jpg
Leader Joseph Lyons Edward Hobbs Walter Lee
Party Labor Nationalist Liberal (Lee)
Leader since November 1916 October 1924 October 1923
Leader's seat Wilmot Darwin Wilmot
Last election 12 seats 12 seats 0 seats
Seats won 16 seats 7 seats 4 seats
Seat change Increase4 Decrease5 Increase4
Percentage 48.47% 29.02% 10.34%
Swing Increase11.73 Decrease11.93 Increase10.34

Premier before election

Joseph Lyons

Elected Premier

Joseph Lyons

A general election for the House of Assembly was held in the Australian state of Tasmania on 3 June 1925 (a Wednesday).


The ambiguous result of the 1922 election had seen a coalition form between the Nationalist and Country parties, and John Hayes was appointed Premier of Tasmania. Hayes and his ministry did not last a full term, however – Tasmania had borrowed heavily during World War I, and was in a poor financial state. Calls for Hayes to resign began in mid-1923, and he did so after a meeting of dissident MHAs undermined his support. James Newton was briefly elected Nationalist leader, but after he failed to achieve the required support, Hayes organised for Walter Lee to be voted leader, and he became the next Premier, as Hayes was appointed to the Australian Senate.[1]

Walter Lee's ministry was also short-lived. In October 1923, a small group of Nationalists revolted against him, and pledged support for Joseph Lyons and the opposition Labor Party. Lyons was sworn in as Premier, and was incumbent by the time of the 1925 election.[2]


Tasmanian state election, 3 June 1925
House of Assembly
<< 19221928 >>

Enrolled voters 114,901
Votes cast 77,281 Turnout 67.26% +4.16%
Informal votes 1,714 Informal 2.22% -0.41%
Summary of votes by party
Party Primary votes  % Swing Seats Change
  Labor 36,631 48.47% +11.73% 16 + 4
  Nationalist 21,932 29.02% –11.93% 7 – 5
  Liberal (Lee) 7,815 10.34% +10.34% 4 + 4
  Independent Labor 2,604 3.45% +2.14% 0 ± 0
  Independent 6,585 8.71% +1.70% 3 + 2
  Others –13.98% 0 – 5
Total 75,567     30  

Distribution of Seats[edit]

Electorate Seats won
  Liberal (Lee)


Labor won the election in a landslide – Lyons' economic improvements and diplomacy with the Nationalists made him a popular Premier.[2]

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