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Tasos Telloglou (Greek: Τάσος Τέλλογλου; born 1961) is a Greek investigative journalist. He is one of the presenters of the weekly news program "Oi Neoi Fakeloi" ("The New Folders ") in Skai TV. He also writes for the newspaper Kathimerini.[1]

He was born in Athens in 1961. He studied Law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He started his journalistic career in 1986 writing for the newspaper I PROTI until 1989.[1][2] He has been a Germany correspondent for the daily Greek newspaper Kathimerini from 1990 to 1997 and for the Mega Channel from 1993 to 2000. For two years from 1998, Tasos Telloglou along with the journalists Alexis Papahelas and Pavlos Tsimas, presented the program "Mavro Kouti" ("The Black Box") in Mega Channel.[1] In 2001 he started writing for the newspaper To Vima.[2] In 2001 he worked with Pavlos Tsimas and Yorgos Kouvaras for the news program "Kokkino Pani" ("Red Flag") on ANTENNA TV.[3] From June 2002 to July 2004, he worked for the New Hellenic Television presenting the monthly documentary series "Monitor" and "Striptease".[4] In October 2004, he presented his first report in the program "Oi Fakeloi " ("The Folders") in Mega Channel and was editor in chief until 2007.[1] From October 2007, he co-hosts the newsprogram "Oi Neoi Fakeloi" ("The New Folders "), the continuation of the program "Oi Fakeloi ", along with Alexis Papahelas and Sofia Papaioannou in Skai TV.[5]

During the season 2007-2008 Telloglou was awarded the Best Report of the Year Award of the "Prosopa 2008" television awards for his expose on the Greek aspect of the Siemens slush funds scandal.[1][6]


In 28/4/10 in his blog he suggested that the extraordinay economic hardships demand the suspension of the constitution, the declaration of state of emergency and the expansion of the executive powers of the government to an extraordinary level. Specifically he called for granting the government the power to declare at will and immediately that a demonstration is illegal and the power to arrest the demonstrators. Additionally, he advocated that the right to strike and of free speech regarding sensible fields should be restricted. He assessed that a different head of government, unrelenting no matter what the cost might be, would be preferable.[7] There was backlash for these controversial comments, as condemnation was expressed by portion of the Greek bloggosphere,[7][8][9] the press [10] and national television.[11]


Tasos Telloglou has written four books:[2][12]

  • "Η γερμανική πολιτική στον γιουγκοσλαβικό χώρο 1991 - 1995" (The German policy in the Yugoslavia 1991 - 1995) (1996).[13]
  • "Το Δίκτυο - Φάκελος Siemens" (The Network - File Siemens) (2009), about the Greek aspect of the Siemens slush funds scandal.[12][16]

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