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Taste Buds is a Canadian children's television series, produced for TVOntario by partners/Executive Producers Mark Bishop and Matt Hornburg of Toronto's marblemedia, which premiered in 2008 and is currently in its third season. At the 2010 Gemini Awards, marblemedia took home the company's first-ever Gemini, for Taste Buds season 2, in the category of "Best Cross-Platform Production - Children's and Youth." Taste Buds is shot at various locations in and around Toronto and Southern Ontario. Broadcast History channel on TVOntario.

Taste Buds is a kids cooking show geared to kids aged 7–10, that teaches children to think about what they eat and explore new foods from around the world. The two young hosts, Avery and Lily, cook recipes that are easy for kids to make by themselves or with a bit of grown up help. The episodes follow Avery and Lily as they lead viewers on new taste adventures exploring the culture, history, science and art behind different foods. Also helping out in the kitchen is their adult co-host Matt, a chef and fellow Taste Bud who is passionate about food and eager to share his expert knowledge. It also stars other kids that help out and try foods on every episode. The most notable kid is Andrew Young (actor).

The show also contains the high-tech Chillbot 3000, a voice-activated computer fridge that outputs recipes, facts and tips in a flash. Chillbot also connects the Taste Buds to one of four field correspondents: Health Meister, Science Whiz, World Traveller and History Buff, each providing the hosts with background educational information on the food they are working with.



Avery believes that food is fun, so his cooking tends to follow his intuition instead of a recipe. When baking cookies, he will go with the flow and add mini-marshmallows to the dough if he feels like it. He’s always willing to try a new taste sensation - especially if Lily, his co-host, "eggs" (HA!) him on.

Matt (Matt Austin)[edit]

Matt is the fun and quirky grownup in the group. He acts as a mentor for Lily and Avery. Like Lily and Avery, Matt loves to cook. He's a natural. He creates different cooking challenges for them. He usually judges the dishes that they make.



To "spice up" this cooking show, young, rising star, Jasmine is thrust into the mix for six episodes, and quickly sizzled her way to the top. With an unprecedented palate for fine foods, Jasmine splashed onto the scene in "Foods that Zing", and soon rose to stardom, appearing in five more episodes, "Foods That Are Colourful", 'Foods for Kings and Queens", " Foods That Roll", "Foods That Are Stacked", and "Foods for a Party". Critics of the show raved of this jubilant and gregarious soul, who continues to have a strong foothold in the rise of pre-teen culinary television. Jasmine was played by Danielle Himelfarb. [1]


  • 2010 Gemini Awards - Winner, "Best Cross-Platform Production - Children's and Youth" for Taste Buds Season 2
  • 2010 W3 Awards - Winner, Gold W3 Award


Season 1[edit]

1. Foods That Smell
2. Foods That Melt
3. Foods That Grow
4. Foods That Stick
5. Foods That Fuel
6. Foods That Crunch
7. Foods That Are Flat
8. Foods That Are Sweet
9. Foods That Are Purple
10. Foods That Sizzle
11. Foods That Rise
12. Foods That Stretch
13. Foods That Crack

Season 2[edit]

1. Foods That Make You Smile
2. Foods That Are Ooey-Gooey
3. Foods That Make You Pucker
4. Foods That Ooze
5. Foods That Are Fancy
6. Foods That Are Hot
7. Foods That Flow
8. Foods That Are Super-Powerful
9. Foods That Start With "Q"
10. Foods That Are Wrapped
11. Foods For The Brain
12. Foods That Are Raw
13. Foods For Dudes

Season 3[edit]

1. Foods That Zing
2. Foods That are Stacked
3. Foods That Roll
4. Foods for kings and Queens
5. Foods That are Colourful
6. Foods for a Party

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