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Taste of Chaos 2005 was the first of the Taste of Chaos tours created by Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman. It also featured Morgan Cooper as an attendee.

2005 North American Tour: Main Stage[edit]

2005 North American Tour:Small Stage[edit]

Tour dates[edit]

Date City Country Battle of the Band Winners
February 18, 2005 Orlando, Florida United States Paramore
February 19, 2005 Miami, Florida
February 20, 2005 Jacksonville, Florida Dora Maar
February 22, 2005 Norfolk, Virginia
February 23, 2005 Poughkeepsie, New York
February 24, 2005 New York, New York
February 25, 2005 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
February 26, 2005 Asbury Park, New Jersey The Bank Robbers
February 27, 2005 Washington, DC Bedlight for Blue Eyes
February 28, 2005 Boston, Massachusetts
March 2, 2005 Portland, Maine
March 3, 2005 Montreal, Quebec Canada
March 4, 2005 Toronto, Ontario Dear Jane, I...
March 5, 2005 London, Ontario Seconds to Go
March 6, 2008 Dayton, Ohio United States Animal Suit Driveby
March 8, 2008 Toledo, Ohio Reserved
March 9, 2005 Chicago, Illinois Affections Else
March 10, 2005 Cleveland, Ohio Loko Phylum
March 11, 2005 Detroit, Michigan Before I Go
March 12, 2005 Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Felix Culpa
March 13, 2005 St. Louis, Missouri Walk It Off
March 14, 2005 Minneapolis, Minnesota Scarlet May
March 16, 2005 Des Moines, Iowa Sweet Afton
March 17, 2005 Omaha, Nebraska Asking Abby
March 18, 2005 Denver, Colorado Otenki
March 19, 2005 Kansas City, Kansas With No Remorse
March 20, 2005 Minneapolis, Minnesota Four Letter Lie
March 22, 2005 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada Tombstone Diaries
March 23, 2005 Calgary, Alberta Safe on a Satellite
March 25, 2005 Vancouver, British Columbia Starless Nights
March 26, 2005 Seattle, Washington United States As Fate Would Have It
March 28, 2005 San Jose, California Story Told
March 29, 2005 Sacramento, California Downshift
March 30, 2005 Fresno, California Flight 409
March 31, 2005 Long Beach, California Anias
April 1, 2005 San Diego, California A Dead Giveaway
April 2, 2005 Phoenix, Arizona A Change of Pace

2005 International Taste of Chaos Bands[edit]


  • Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance had to leave because of a family illness and was replaced for the rest of the tour.
  • Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage had to leave because of illness. Instead of being replaced Killswitch Engage finished the tour as a 4-piece.
  • Just after Sophomore finished their final date of their stint on the tour (St. Louis), they wrecked the tour van.
  • At the Orlando, Florida stop, Fueled by Ramen CEO John Janick saw the winning act, Paramore, which he signed to the label, after a smaller warehouse performance. They have reached world wide success since then.
  • Underoath swapped main stage for second with Bleed the Dream in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to help them raise money for their drummer who had cancer and has since died.


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