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Tatebo-Yokobo is a binary determination logic puzzle published by Nikoli


Tatebo-Yokobo is played on a rectangular grid containing both shaded and unshaded cells. Some cells, both shaded and unshaded, contain numbers. The shaded cell numbers denote the number of horizontal or vertical lines extending from that cell, while unshaded cell numbers denote the length of an unbroken vertical or horizontal line extending through that cell. No unbroken line may pass through more than one number.

The object of the puzzle is to place a vertical or horizontal line in every unshaded cell, passing though the center of that cell, such that the numbers correctly describe the lines used.

Solution methods[edit]

The system used for the shaded cell numbers shares qualities with Hashiwokakero, and so solutions for them are quite similar.


Tatebo-Yokobo first appeared in Nikoli's Puzzle Box 6.

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