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Tatsunosuke Takasaki (Japanese: 高碕達之助, b. ) was a Japanese businessman-politician, born on February 7, 1885, in Takatsuki, Osaka and died on February 24, 1964, in Tokyo.

After finishing school in Japan, Tatsunosuke Takasaki spent his younger days in Manchuria, and was the chairman of Manchurian Industrial Development Company and the head of the All Manchurian Japanese Association (Japanese: 全満日本人会) located in Xinjing, waiting for the repatriation from Huludao. Upon returning to Japan, he became the first chairman of Electric Power Development Company, the elected member of the House of Representatives of Japan, the head of the Japanese delegation to Asian–African Conference, the first head of the Economic Planning Agency of MITI, the initiator of the Sino-Japanese LT Trade Agreement,[1] etc. He founded Toyo Seikan Kaisha in 1917, which has since become the largest container company in Japan and dominates the ASEAN market.[2][3]


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