Tatun Volcano Group

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Chihsingshan (七星山), the highest peak of the Tatun volcanoes, has a height of 1120 m.

Tatun Volcanoes (七星山; Chinese: 大屯火山群; pinyin: Dàtún Huǒshān Qún), a volcanic group of volcanoes located at northern Taiwan, is located 15 km[1] north of Taipei, and lies to the west of Keelung. It just adjoins the northern coast of the Taiwan island. The volcano group was a result of episodic volcanisms between 2.8 and 0.2 Ma.[2] As of 2005, some hydrothermal activities and gas fumaroles were active among these volcanoes.[2] Observations on Tatun Volcano Group suggest that magma chambers probably still exist under the land surface of northern Taiwan.[3]

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Coordinates: 25°10′17″N 121°33′18″E / 25.17139°N 121.55500°E / 25.17139; 121.55500