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Coordinates: 17°22′S 141°28′W / 17.367°S 141.467°W / -17.367; -141.467

Tauere is located in Pacific Ocean
Location of Tauere Atoll in the Pacific Ocean
NASA picture of Tauere Atoll.

Tauere Atoll or Taouere, also known as Te Putua, is a small atoll of the central Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia. It is located 85 km northwest of Hao Atoll's westernmost point.

Tauere Atoll is squarish in shape. It measures 7.5 km across. The islands are located on its northern and eastern sides. Its lagoon is not connected to the ocean by a pass, which makes this small atoll quite inaccessible.

Tauere has only 5 inhabitants.


First European recorded sight was by the Spanish expedition of Pedro Fernandez de Quirós on the 12th of February of 1606. They charted it as La Decena.[1] Tauere was again sighted by Spanish navigator Domingo de Boenechea on October 28, 1772 on ship Aguila. He called this atoll San Simon y Judas. Hence this atoll appears in some maps as St. Simon.


Administratively Tauere belongs to the commune of Amanu (Main village: Ikitake) which includes the atolls of Rekareka (uninhabited) and Tauere. The Amanu commune is associated with the Hao commune.


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