Frankfurt Taunusanlage station

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Frankfurt (Main) Taunusanlage
S2 line train at Taunusanlage station
Category 3
Type Underground station
Platforms in use 2
DS100 code FFTA
Station code 1857
Construction and location
Opened 1978
Location Frankfurt
State Hesse
Country Germany
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50°6′50″N 8°40′11″E / 50.11389°N 8.66972°E / 50.11389; 8.66972Coordinates: 50°6′50″N 8°40′11″E / 50.11389°N 8.66972°E / 50.11389; 8.66972
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List of railway stations in Hesse

Frankfurt (Main) Taunusanlage station (German: Bahnhof Frankfurt (Main) Taunusanlage) is metro station in the city centre of Frankfurt, Germany. It is served by eight S-Bahn lines (S1–S6, S8, S9).

The station was opened with the first section of the Frankfurt City Tunnel in May 1978. It consists of two tracks, surrounding a central platform.


The name Taunusanlage refers to a section of the now demolished city walls, named in the 19th century after the nearby Taunusbahnhof (Taunus station) of the Taunus Railway.


Taunusanlage station is located in Frankfurt's Westend district, close to Taunusanlage Park and the Bankenviertel, Frankfurt's financial district. Its entrance escalators are next to the Deutsche Bank Twin Towers. The station is a major hub for commuters and is in the immediate vicinity of several major banks.


Preceding station   Rhine-Main S-Bahn   Following station
S1Frankfurt S1.svg
S2Frankfurt S2.svg
toward Dietzenbach
toward Bad Soden
S3Frankfurt S3.svg
toward Kronberg
S4Frankfurt S4.svg
toward Langen
S5Frankfurt S5.svg
toward Südbahnhof
toward Friedberg
S6Frankfurt S6.svg
S8Frankfurt S8.svg
toward Hanau Hbf
S9Frankfurt S9.svg