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Coordinates: 41°36′28″N 4°41′51″W / 41.607677°N 4.697614°W / 41.607677; -4.697614

Tauro Sport Auto
Type Ltd
Industry Automotive
Founded 2010
Headquarters Valladolid, Spain
Area served Worldwide
Key people Pedro J Santos (Chairman and CEO)
Products Sports cars
Website www.tauro.eu

Tauro Sport Auto is a Spanish manufacturer of luxury sports cars based in Valladolid,[1][2] founded in 2010,[3] when a group of Spanish businessmen joined with a British manufacturer of racing cars to create the company.[4]

Their most popular model is the Tauro V8, manufactured by artisans,[5] has a General Motors base engine and four variants: Spider,[6] Coupe, Saeta and Portago. It’s core markets include the European Union, Russia, United Arab Emirates, China, and America.[7]


In 2010, several Spanish businessmen, including Pedro J Santos,[7] and a British manufacturer of racing cars joined together to create the company based in Valladolid.[1] As such, they received the Spanish tradition of luxury sports cars, in the early twentieth century championing the Hispano-Suiza company.[8]

Like all other supercars, the Tauro has high performance, superior to other cars, approaching levels of competition. For this very reason, they are produced in small series and made to order, with much of the manufacturing process done by hand.[5]


Tauro V8[9][edit]

Vehicle name Duration of production Number of cylinders Power (hp) Displacement cc Top speed (km/h) Place of manufacture
V8 Spider[6] 2012–present 8 440/530 6162 295 Spain
V8 Coupé 2013–present 8 440/530 6162 300 Spain
V8 Saeta 2014–present 8 440/530 6162 ~ Spain
V8 Portago 2014–present 8 440/530 6162 ~ Spain

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