Tavan Bogd

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Tavan Bogd
Ukok Plateau 2.jpg
View of Tavan Bogd from Russian Altay
Elevation 4,374 m (14,350 ft)
Prominence 2,342 m (7,684 ft)
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Tavan Bogd is located in Mongolia
Tavan Bogd
Tavan Bogd
Location in Mongolia
Location Mongolia
Range Mongol-Altai Mountains
Coordinates 49°8′45″N 87°49′9″E / 49.14583°N 87.81917°E / 49.14583; 87.81917Coordinates: 49°8′45″N 87°49′9″E / 49.14583°N 87.81917°E / 49.14583; 87.81917[1]

Tavan Bogd (Mongolian: Таван богд, lit. "five saints") is the highest mountain in Mongolia and have massif-type. Tavan Bogd mountain located in Bayan-Olgii Province and its Khüiten Peak is the highest point of Mongolia at 4374 meters above sea level. Besides Khüiten, the mountain includes four peaks as Nairamdal, Malchin, Bürged (eagle) and Olgii (motherland).[2]

The Nairamdal Peak forms the border tripoint between Mongolia, Russia, and the Xinjiang province of China.

Around the area is listing Altai Tavan Bogd National Park covers 6,362 km². It includes the lakes Khoton, Khurgan, and Dayan. The protected area offers a home for many species of alpine animal, such as the Argali sheep, Ibex, Red deer, Beech marten, Moose, Snow cock, and Golden eagle.


The main peaks of the Tavanbogd massif are:

Name Height (metres)
Khüiten Peak 4,374
Nairamdal Peak 4,180
Bürged Peak 4,068
Malchin Peak 4,050
Olgii Peak 4,050

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