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Tavastia (formerly Tavastia South) is an electoral district represented in the Finnish Eduskunta (parliament). It covers the administrative regions of Tavastia Proper and Päijänne Tavastia, with a combined population of about 364,000 (as of 2002). Tavastia currently elects 14 members of the Eduskunta.

The constituency is largely urban, centred on the cities of Hämeenlinna and Lahti. The largest party in the 2011 election was the Social Democratic Party of Finland.

Current members of parliament 2011–[edit]

Municipality Region Most popular National Coalition Party Social Democratic Party of Finland True Finns Centre Party Left Alliance Greens Christian Democrats
Seats 2011 (2007) Päijänne Tavastia and Proper Social Democratic Party of Finland 3 (-1) 4 (+-0) 3 (+3) 2 (-1) 1 (0) 0 (-1) 1 (1)
Asikkala Päijänne Tavastia True Finns [1] James Hirvisaari
Forssa Tavastia Proper Centre Party [2] Sanni Grahn-Laasonen Sirkka-Liisa Anttila
Hartola Päijänne Tavastia Centre Party [3]
Hattula Tavastia Proper Social Democratic Party of Finland [3]
Hausjärvi Tavastia Proper Social Democratic Party of Finland [4]
Heinola Päijänne Tavastia Social Democratic Party of Finland [5]
Hollola Päijänne Tavastia True Finns [6] Anne Loukola Juha Rehula
Humppila Tavastia Proper Centre Party [7]
Hämeenkoski Päijänne Tavastia Centre Party [8]
Hämeenlinna Tavastia Proper Social Democratic Party of Finland [9] Tarja Filatov
Johannes Koskinen
Ismo Soukola
Janakkala Tavastia Proper Social Democratic Party of Finland [10]
Jokioinen Tavastia Proper Centre Party [11]
Kärkölä Päijänne Tavastia True Finns [12]
Lahti Päijänne Tavastia National Coalition Party [13] Mika Kari
Jouko Skinnari
Loppi Tavastia Proper National Coalition Party[14] Timo Heinonen
Nastola Päijänne Tavastia True Finns [15]
Orimattila Päijänne Tavastia True Finns [16] Kalle Jokinen
Padasjoki Päijänne Tavastia True Finns [17]
Riihimäki Tavastia Proper Social Democratic Party of Finland [18] Aino-Kaisa Pekonen Päivi Räsänen
Sysmä Päijänne Tavastia Centre Party [19]
Tammela Tavastia Proper Centre Party [20]
Ypäjä Tavastia Proper Centre Party [21]

In official statistics of Finland the parliamentary elections are always compared with both the previous parliamentary elections and municipal elections. The municipal elections will be held in 2012. In Tavastia electoral district Tavastia Proper wins more parliamentary seats than Päijänne Tavastia as 1/4 of the votes for the candidates from Tavastia Proper is achieved from Päijänne Tavastia. As for the Centre Party this has been due to the expertise of the agricultural policies affecting the agrarian surroundings of the city of Lahti and as for the Social Democratic Party of Finland hard campaigning in Lahti and on its surroundings from Tavastia Proper. Both of the regions compete with each other's in the front of the state.

National Coalition Party[edit]

Social Democratic Party of Finland[edit]

Centre Party[edit]

Left Alliance[edit]

Christian Democrats[edit]

True Finns[edit]

Percentage of the electorate in municipalities (votes)[edit]

Current members of parliament 2007–2011[edit]

Old election results[edit]

Finnish parliamentary election, 2003
Party Seats Net Gain/Loss Seats % Votes % Votes +/−
  Social Democratic 5 +1 35.7 31.9 60,289 +3.6%
  National Coalition 3 -1 21.4 21.8 41,137 -4.5%
  Centre 3 +1 21.4 18.4 34,759 +1.6%
  Christian Democrat 1 0 7.1 9.8 18,425 +1.0%
  Left Alliance 1 0 7.1 8.9 16,760 +0.0%
  Green League 1 0 7.1 6.0 11,416 -0.3%
  other groups 0 0 0.0 3.2 6,068 n/a

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