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Taweethapisek School
505/5 Soi Itsaraphap 42, Itsaraphap Rd.
Bangkok Yai District, Bangkok, 10600
Coordinates 13°44′43″N 100°28′58″E / 13.745253°N 100.482700°E / 13.745253; 100.482700Coordinates: 13°44′43″N 100°28′58″E / 13.745253°N 100.482700°E / 13.745253; 100.482700
Established 19 July 1895
Founder King Chulalongkorn
School number (+66)024650072
Director Somkait Charoenchim
Vice principal Sunthree Trirananukool,
Piwpan Sitthikorn,
Worakij Dokmai,
Udom Sri-Phadung
Grades 7 – 12
Gender All Boys School
Enrollment ~3,000
Language Thai
Classrooms 82
Area 5 Acres
School colour(s) Green–White
Mascot Kaew

Taweethapisek School (Thai: โรงเรียนทวีธาภิเศก) is a boy’s only school for 7th to 12th grade students, located in Bangkokyaii, Bangkok, Thailand in the Bangkok Thonburi Area. The school was funded by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) on 19 July 1985. The school has one branch, located at Bangkokyaii in Bangkok. The school has facilities such as basketball and table-tennis as well as a 400-metre running track around the football field. As of 2013 there are about 3,000 students. Most of the students are Thai and mostly Buddhist, while other students follow other religions, including Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity.


Taweethapisek School was established on July 19, 1895 by King Rama V who ruled the Kingdom twice as long as his grandfather, King Rama II. To celebrate this special occasion, King Rama V wanted to establish a school in honor of his grandfather. He donated 2,000,000 baht and persuaded the royal members to donate to build the school at Wat Arunrajawararam, the royal temple of King Rama II. King Rama V named the school “Taweethapisek”. “Tawee” means twice or double and “pisek” means coronation. When the school started, there were 162 students and 6 teachers. The first school building was 4 stories high and the first director was KhunUparakansilapaset.

In 1951, the school started to move some students to study at a new location “Wat Nakklang” because the school building at Wat Arun was too small for an excessive number of students. In 1960, the school building at Wat Nakklang was finished, and all the students from 7th – 12th grade were moved to the new school that year. Since that time, the school at Nakklang has been the place to study for new students until today.


Building in School[edit]


  • The oldest Building in School, Has 14 class rooms

Su-Ra-Cha- Ron-Na-Rong Building[edit]

  • This Building has 15 Class rooms, 3 Computer rooms and library name “R-Ton-Sung-Ka-Wat-ta-na”

A-Nek-Pha-Song Building[edit]

  • This Building has art rooms and Gym

Thep-Sit-Ti-Na-York Building[edit]

  • This Building has science operation room, Pet-Dok-Kaw room( Audiovisual Education ) and Green room - Eco energy prototype class room

Su-Jin-Da-Ka-Pha-Yoon Hall Building[edit]

  • This Building has foreign language class room and Su-Jin-Da-Ka-Pha-Yoon Hall

100 th anniversary Building[edit]

  • This building has Taweethapisek Museum

Sacred thing in School[edit]

-The King Rama V monument was brought to school on Jun 19, 1999 from the fine arts department.

- Phra Buddha Taweethapisek Mahamongkol Statue

- Father Surachai Ronarong Statue,[2] was a famous soldier that was at this area to help protect Bangkok from Burma in the period of King Rama I.

School Symbol[edit]

[3] On the coronation day of King Rama V, Taweethapisek coins were given to the royal members and bureaucrats who came to join the Taweethapisek ceremony. Thus, the school uses the coin as the school symbol. In the school symbol, there are coats of arms of King Rama II, King Rama V, and other insignias that represent both King Rama II and King Rama V.


Years in office Name
1898–1907 Khun Upakarnsilapaset
1907–1911 Mr. Prom
1911–1911 Phra Banjerdwichacharn
1911–1916 Khun Darunwitworaset
1916–1949 Khun Wisitdarunkan
1949–1965 Mr. Worasit Inthapat
1965–1974 Mr. Rewat Cheunsamran
1974–1979 Mr. Samreong Nilapradit
1979–1984 Mr. Jongkol Methakal
1984–1988 Mr. Suchat Chaimano
1988–1989 Mr. Samran Rattanawit
1989–1995 Mr. Kanok Chanprajorn
1995–1998 Mr. Prasan Utamangkhabuan
1998–2001 Mr. Suthon Julamok
2001-2004 Mr. Suwat Anjaikla
2004-2008 Mrs. Sukanya Phuphanthaphak
2008-2010 Mrs. Sumonmat Wuttisangatam
2010-2013 Mr. Somkiat Charoenchim
2013-Current Mr. Chaianant Kaendee[4]



  • Air Chief Marshall Chalermkiat Wattanangkun, 5th Commander-in-Chief of the Thailand Air Force
  • Admiral Kawee Singha, 26th Commander-in-Chief, Royal Thai Navy
  • General Preecha Rojanasen, National Legislative assembly member, Thailand


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