Tawus ibn Kaysan

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Died AH 106 (724/725) [1]
Era Medieval era

Tawus Ibn Kaysan (Arabic: طاووس بن كيسان‎) (died 723) was one of the Tabi‘in, one of the narrators of hadith, and a companion of the fourth Shia Imam, Ali Zayn al-Abidin (died c. 713).[2]

He is also known as Tawoos ibn Kaysaan, "Tawoos" or "al-Taus,".


Ibn Hajar related that Tāwus was a Persian who inhabited an area called al-Jund and that he was the master of Hamadan in Iran.[3] Ibn Hayyān said about him: "He was among the worshipers of the people of the Yemen and the masters of the leading members of the next generation." He performed the hajj forty times and narrated some of the whispered prayers of Imām Zayn al-'Ābidin. Ibn Kaysan was also a student of Abdullah ibn Abbas, a well-known companion of Muhammad (died 632).[3]



Hadith from him are recorded by Muhammad al-Bukhari (85 traditions), Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj (78 traditions), al-Tirmidhi, al-Nasa'i, Abu Dawood, Ibn Maja, Ahmad ibn Hanbal.[1]