Tax Defense Network

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Tax Defense Network
Type Private
Industry Legal Services
Headquarters Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Area served USA
Key people Joe Valinho (President)
Services Tax Services
Employees 190

Tax Defense Network is a tax resolution firm located in Jacksonville, Florida.[1] In addition, Tax Defense Network is a major employment provider[2] in Jacksonville, and received recognition as the fastest growing private company in 2010[3] by the Jacksonville Business Journal, resolving over 400 tax debt cases per month.

Company History[edit]

Tax Defense Network was founded in 1997 as New Star Credit Services,[4] providing accounting services to small businesses. The company name was changed to Tax Defense Network in 2007 to better reflect the company’s new focus on tax resolution and IRS representation. Since making the switch to tax resolution, Tax Defense Network has increased in size by over 90 percent, and was recognized by the Business Journal of Jacksonville as the fastest growing company in North East Florida for 2010. The company currently employs Tax Attorneys, Enrolled Agents, and certified public accountants (CPAs) in its Foxhound Legal Department,[5] and has an Ex-IRS agent that consults with the tax attorney team.

Dwayne Harmon Case Details[edit]

Dwayne Harmon was the Vice President of Marketing Operations at Tax Defense Network, with his main role being to develop relationships with outside marketing partners. In 2010, unbeknownst to Tax Defense Network, Harmon began diverting hundreds of potential clients to his personal company, Buzz Pulse Media, Inc. Harmon then sold these clients back to Tax Defense Network and their marketing partners, reaping a combined $1.7 million in personal revenue. When the company's accounting department uncovered Harmon's activities, Tax Defense Network promptly informed local law enforcement and pressed charges against their former executive. Harmon was arrested on felony charges[6] of fraud, theft, trafficking stolen property, and a violation against the Florida Money Laundering Act. Convicted in September 2011, Harmon is currently serving a five-year sentence in federal prison.


Tax Defense Network offers tax resolution and mediation to salaried taxpayers (W2), independent contractors and self-employed taxpayers (1099), and small-businesses. They help people with Tax liens, Bank levy and Wage garnishment. Their solutions include Offer in compromise, Installment agreement, Penalty abatement, Payroll taxes, Innocent spouse, Currently not collectible and Appeals.