Taxation in Andorra

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As of June 2013 there was no income tax in Andorra on individuals or corporations; however, at that time the government announced plans to impose one in response to pressure from the European Union.[1]

Employees pay social security taxes at rates of 5-9% on their salaries; employers pay social security taxes of 13% on their employees' salaries. In October 1991, a form of value-added tax was introduced at a general rate of 4% on most goods and at higher rates of 8% and 12%, respectively, for special goods and for deemed luxury goods. There are also taxes on the import of certain goods. The 1992 budget law introduced a registration tax on certain activities, to provide 8.6% of government revenues, as well as a tax on electricity consumption and telephone services at a rate of 10%, to contribute 1.6% of government revenues.

New residents who were previously resident in Spain are treated by the Spanish tax authorities as tax resident in Spain for five tax-years after their emigration to Andorra.


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