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Taxi 0-22 is a popular Canadian television comedy series, which airs on TVA, a Quebec-based French language network in Canada.

The series stars Patrick Huard as Montreal cab driver Rogatien Dubois Jr. The first season is predominantly set inside Dubois's dark blue taxi, a Ford Crown Victoria, and the comedy unfolds through his interactions – usually opinionated and deeply held – with the guest stars and other passengers who ride in his cab. Season two expanded the show's narrative to focus more on stories and characters outside of his taxi. Dubois speaks a thickly accented and rapidly delivered Quebec slang.

The first season of the show commenced broadcast in February 2007, the second in January 2008, and the third season began airing in January 2009. It is broadcast at 9:00 p.m. on Thursday nights. It has been reported that more than one million viewers watch the show every week. The TVA network has ordered season four to be produced, based on the success of the series.

In 2008, the series won the Olivier Award for best dramatic comedy.

Actor James Gandolfini was developing a pilot for an American adaptation, which will air on HBO if it is picked up as a regular series.[1]

Regular characters[edit]

  • Patrick Huard: Rogatien Dubois Jr.
  • Yvon Deschamps: Rogatien's father
  • François Arnaud: Rogatien's son
  • Sylvie Boucher: Nancy, a server in a diner that Rogatien frequents.

Selected invited guests[edit]

In order of their appearance, Dubois passengers have included the following French Canadian celebrities who appear in character.


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