Taylor DuPriest

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Taylor DuPriest
Born April 22, 1996 (1996-04-22) (age 18)
Albany, Georgia
Nationality American
Occupation television personality
Known for Kid Nation

Taylor Anne DuPriest (born April 22, 1996, in Albany, Georgia) is an American television personality who is best known for appearing on the reality television show Kid Nation. A former beauty pageant contestant, she appeared on the show at age 10. She was one of 40 children who were supposed to build a functioning society among themselves, with little adult supervision. DuPriest became known for her infamous line, "Deal with it!" and her extreme laziness on the show.[1] She claims the producers told her to say "Ugly chickens deserve to die", among other things on the show, and complained about how they made her look.[2]

She has participated in a number of beauty pageants. Winning Miss Georgia Sweetheart 2005,[3] Hall of Fame winner at the Junior Miss Georgia Forestry pageant,[4] 4th Runner-Up 2006 National Sweetheart Miss American Coed Pageant (as well as 3rd Runner-Up Model),[5] and an online store's model search.[6] She has done several prints and appeared on Disney Channel's Show Your Stuff.


Atatko, a writer for Contra Costa Times, states "she’s the only thing I find worth watching on this show." [7]


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