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Teal, TEAL, or Teals may refer to:

  • Teal, a blue-green color
  • TEAL, Tasman Empire Airways Limited, forerunner of Air New Zealand




Fictional characters[edit]

Given name[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]




  • Curtiss Teal 1930s monoplane amphibian
  • Falconar Teal two-seat homebuilt, amphibious airplane designed by Chris Falconar from 1967
  • Lesher Teal experimental aircraft from 1965
  • Temco XKDT Teal American rocket-propelled, high-performance target drone
  • Thurston Teal family of two- and four-seat all- aluminium amphibious flying boats designed by David Thurston from 1968


  • Teal River, Nelson Region, South Island, New Zealand

See also[edit]

  • Teal Inlet (Caleta Trullo), East Falkland, Falkland Islands
  • Teal Park public greenspace is Horseheads, New York
  • Teal Ponds, Moraine Fjord, South Georgia
  • Chheu Teal khum (commune) of Banan District in Battambang Province in north-western Cambodia
  • Teal Bend, Missouri, unincorporated community in Benton County