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TM community dashboard2.jpg
Developer(s) Ascensio System
Written in ASP.NET
Operating system Windows
Available in 20[1]
Type Project management, Collaboration, CRM, Document Management
License SaaS, GNU Affero General Public License3

TeamLab Office is a multifunctional online office for small business including CRM system, document and project management toolset, Gantt chart and email aggregator. TeamLab is written in ASP.NET and translated to 20 languages. The subscription for TeamLab Office is based on the amount of portal users.

TeamLab Office Server Community version is freely downloadable from Sourceforge and distributed under GNU Affero General Public License.


TeamLab started out in December 2009 as a simple collaboration platform that encompassed several social computing features (blog, forum, wiki, bookmarks). Since then product has been improved to meet companies‘ growing demands in project management functionality. In July 2010 Ascensio System released 2 new modules[2] in addition to Community: Projects (intended to simplify project management) and Talk (corporate instant messenger).

In March, 2011 the company released a new enhanced version 3.0, which included a fourth module – Documents (intended for storing, sharing, co-authoring, editing files right on the portal).

By October 2011 Project management, Business collaboration and Document management modules became available on Android or iOS mobile devices. A month later two more modules were introduced, namely, Calendar and CRM.

In March, 2012 TeamLab introduced the first HTML5 based Document Editor at CeBIT 2012

July 2012 was marked with integration of user accounts in Google Docs, Box, SkyDrive and Dropbox with TeamLab workspace.

In December 2012 TeamLab reached the final of Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Moscow, was monetized and renamed as TeamLab Office.

In December, 2013 Ascensio System SIA released Teamlab Personal - cloud workspace, including Canvas-based processors for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Teamlab Personal is distributed freely for individual use.

Deployment Solutions[edit]

TeamLab is available in three deployment solutions.

  • SaaS version is intended for organizations interested in a ready-to-use service. Users can quickly start their corporate portal which is maintained and regularly updated by Ascensio System and hosted by Amazon.
  • TeamLab source code is listed on SourceForge and available for everyone to download and deploy on own servers.

Teamlab Features[edit]

  • Document Management

Teamlab Office includes fully featured online document processors built in HTML5 with the use of Canvas. The "Document Management" module enables users to create, edit, store and share documents online, integrate 3rd-party accounts such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and Skydrive.

Since December 2012 Teamlab Office provides collaborative simultaneous document editing and commenting.

  • CRM system
  • Collaborative toolset
  • Calendar
  • Email Aggregator


The product has been reviewed by TechRadar,[3] CMSWiRE,[4] LiveEnterprise,[5] Techi.[6] Business Insider,[7] TechRepublic,[8]

Teamlab Personal has been covered by TechCrunch,[9] Liventerprise, [10] Gizmo's Freeware, [11]

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