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For the company, see Siemens PLM Software

Teamcenter is an integrated suite of Product Lifecycle Management applications originally created by EDS PLM Solutions, a company which ultimately became Siemens PLM Software.

History and Market[edit]

Teamcenter's history dates to the mid-1980s, with technology and products from Control Data, SDRC and UGS.[1] Most of the original functionality of Teamcenter came from previously branded products:

  • Teamcenter Enterprise – (was Metaphase)
  • Teamcenter Engineering - (was iMAN)
  • Teamcenter Project – (was Inovie Software TeamCenter)
  • Teamcenter Requirements – (was Slate)
  • Teamcenter Visualization – (was Viz)
  • Teamcenter Manufacturing – (was the IMAN + Tecnomatix MPM suite)
  • Teamcenter Integrator
  • Teamcenter Community – (was e-Viz)[2]

In late 2006, Siemens PLM Software announced that the Teamcenter software portfolio had surpassed over 3 million licensed users.[3]

Directly competitive products to Teamcenter include Windchill by PTC, ENOVIA by Dassault Systèmes and Agile by Oracle.[4]

Teamcenter components[edit]

Community Collaboration[edit]

(Teamcenter Community) is a web-based collaboration utility that allows companies, suppliers, and customers to share information in a secure environment. Since Teamcenter Community is built on Windows SharePoint Services, there is a tight integration between Teamcenter Community, Microsoft Windows, and Microsoft Office. Teamcenter Community 2007 is based on SharePoint 2007.

Compliance Management[edit]

(Teamcenter for Compliance Management) includes Teamcenter for Environmental Compliance solution powered by EMARS (Synapsis Technology), which helps companies meet environmental compliance requirements such as RoHS, WEEE, ELV, and REACH.

Engineering Process Management[edit]

(Teamcenter Engineering, Teamcenter Express), formerly known as iMAN (Information Manager), is a PLM software package designed for CAx data management. Users can integrate with the engineering client application with many different CAx products. The program called Teamcenter Engineering is designed for large companies, while Teamcenter Express is targeted for mid-size to small engineering companies.

Enterprise Knowledge Management[edit]

(Teamcenter Enterprise), formerly known as Metaphase, Teamcenter Enterprise is a large-scale PLM product.

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul[edit]

(Teamcenter for MRO) a solution that aids organizations in maintenance, repair, and overhaul activities.

Manufacturing Process Management[edit]

(Teamcenter Manufacturing) an information management engine based on Teamcenter Engineering, with several extensions that optimize its applicability to the manufacturing environment. Teamcenter Manufacturing serves as the foundation for Siemens PLM Software' Tecnomatix suite of digital manufacturing solutions, enabling companies to quickly assess the impact of their decisions on product, process, plant and resource requirements.

Program and Project Management[edit]

(Teamcenter Project) provides project management capabilities for companies and project managers.

Systems Engineering[edit]

(Teamcenter for Systems Engineering, Teamcenter Requirements, Slate) solution gives project planners of integrated mechanical, electrical and software product design a powerful tool to create and communicate requirements.

Sourcing Management[edit]

(Teamcenter Sourcing) a collection of configurable strategic sourcing solutions that allows professionals to provide input to design decisions earlier in the product development process.

Lifecycle Visualization[edit]

(Teamcenter Visualization) gives the ability to view CAD data in a CAD neutral format.

Reporting and Analytics[edit]

(Teamcenter for Reporting & Analytics) provides a basis on which to establish, measure and analyze key performance metrics to drive processes across the produ

Simulation Process Management[edit]

(Teamcenter for Simulation) provides a single organized and secure source of simulation data and processes that can be embedded into the product lifecycle to better assess product performance and quality while improving development efficiency.



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