Tears Don't Fall

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"Tears Don't Fall"
Single by Bullet for My Valentine
from the album The Poison
A-side Tears Don't Fall
B-side Domination (Pantera cover)[1][2]
Released 17 June 2006[1][2]
Format CD, 7" vinyl, digital single, EP
Genre Metalcore, heavy metal
Length 9:42
Label Trustkill,[3][4] Visible Noise[3][5][6]
Writer(s) Matthew Tuck
Bullet for My Valentine singles chronology
"All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)"
"Tears Don't Fall"
"Scream Aim Fire"

"Tears Don't Fall" is a song by the Welsh rock band Bullet for My Valentine. It is the band's fourth single from their first full-length studio album, The Poison. The single was released on 17 June 2006 through Trustkill Records in the US. The song won the Kerrang! Award for Best Single. The song peaked at No. 24 on The Hot Mainstream Rock Charts and No. 32 on the Top Modern Rock Charts.[7] In 2013 the band released a sequel to the song called "Tears Don't Fall (Part 2)" on their 4th studio album Temper Temper.

Music video[edit]

The music video shows the band playing in a place with heavy rain. The story of the video shows a woman and the man are seen doing romantic things with each other but when the woman tries to continue the following day, the man won't let her as he seems to be tired of her. After a while of driving, the car loses fuel. After refueling the car, the woman tries to get close to the man and causes him to drop the barrel of fuel. He pushes her away, but the barrel has emptied, with the fuel spilled onto the ground. The man then gets in the car and drives away, leaving the girl running after the car. The man stops at a hotel, goes in and finds a blonde woman to replace the previous woman he left behind. The previous woman finally manages to walk to where the man is staying. She then enters the hotel room and drenches the man and the blond woman with the barrel he dropped earlier, which is filled with only water, acting as if it were petrol and she was to set the room and everyone within on fire. It is revealed to only be water as she drops the lighter into the liquid with no effect, where she then smiles and blows a sarcastic kiss to them.

The other video again starts with the band playing in the rain. The story shows a man and woman doing romantic things in the car with the ex-girlfriend watching them in rage and sadness. Heartbroken and in tears, the ex goes to seek help from a voodoo witch doctor who makes her go through a ritual to put her in a blinding trance of anger, before finally receiving a voodoo doll cursed to imitate the man. In rage,she starts stabbing the doll, causing the man to feel the pain, then the doll falls into a pit of fire, which caused the car to explode, killing the man and woman inside. The videos ends with the band destroying their instruments and the girl in her blinding trance

Critical reception[edit]

"Tears Don't Fall" is one of the band's most popular songs and is often regarded as one of the band's greatest songs. Since the release of The Poison, it has become a staple to their live set and usually draws in the most crowd response, most notably during the bridge and guitar solo. It was featured in the bands three DVDs: The Poison: Live at Brixton, Rock am Ring 2006, and Scream Aim Fire: Live at London Alexandria. Tears Don't Fall (Part 2), a new version of the old song has been put up on the band's new album Temper Temper.

Track listings[edit]

"Tears Don't Fall" was released as a single in the UK in multiple different formats: 2 CD singles and 1 7" LP single. All three formats were released on 17 July 2006 through Visible Noise Records.[1] The individual track listings are as follows:

Compact Disc ONE
Tears dont fall.jpg Track Title Time
1 Tears Don't Fall 4:40
2 Domination (Pantera cover)[6] 5:06
Enhanced Material:
  • An unreleased version of the "Tears Don't Fall" music video
  • A desktop wallpaper
Compact Disc TWO
Tears dont fall cd2.gif Track Title Time
1 Tears Don't Fall (Live at Brixton Academy) 6:12
2 4 Words (To Choke Upon) (Live at Brixton Academy) 3:53
3 Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow (What Can I Do) (Live at Brixton Academy) 4:01
7" Vinyl LP
Tears dont fall 7".jpg Side Title Time
1 Tears Don't Fall 4:40
2 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Metallica cover) 6:17
German EP
Tears dont fall.jpg Track Title Time
1 Tears Don't Fall 4:40
2 Domination (Pantera cover) 5:06
3 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Metallica cover) 6:17
4 Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do) (Live at Brixton Academy) 4:02
5 4 Words (To Choke Upon) (Live at Brixton Academy) 3:52
Online downloads
  • "Tears Don't Fall" (CLA Radio Edit)


Tears Don't Fall (Part 2)[edit]

"Tears Don't Fall (Part 2)"
"Temper Temper album cover"
Song by Bullet for My Valentine
Released 8 February 2013[8]
Genre Metalcore, heavy metal
Length 5:38
Writer Matthew "Matt" Tuck

The band released a sequel to the song in 2013 on their 4th studio album Temper Temper. It follows the person in the 1st song obsessing over a lost love and trying to contact her but getting no reply. The band had mentioned in an interview that they wanted to do a sequel for one of their songs and let the fans decide which one and they chose "Tears Don't Fall".[9]

The song is quite different stylistically to Part 1 with Part 1 being very heavy with distorted guitars and quite a bit of screaming vocals. Part 2 is quite the opposite with mainly clean guitars and vocals. The "Let's Go!" scream at the beginning of Part 1 was imitated in Part 2 but changing it to "Let's Go Again!" obviously to signify it is a sequel.


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