Tears of a Clooney

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"Tears of a Clooney"
American Dad! episode
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 16
Directed by Brent Woods
Written by Chris McKenna
Matt McKenna
Production code 2AJN04
Original air date May 14, 2006
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"With Friends Like Steve's"
Next →
"Camp Refoogee"
American Dad! (season 2)
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"Tears of a Clooney" is the sixteenth episode and season finale of the second season and the twenty third overall episode of the animated comedy series American Dad!. It aired on Fox in the United States on May 13, 2006, and is written by Chris McKenna and Matt McKenna and directed by Brent Woods.[1]

In the episode, Stan learns that Francine despises George Clooney and organizes a CIA-style mission for her to seduce the star while he's filming a movie in Prague. Meanwhile, Roger starts a vineyard in the backyard, using foster children as workers.


On Francine's 39th birthday, she becomes depressed while watching her only TV appearance—a bit part on Scarecrow and Mrs. King that was interrupted by a young George Clooney, whom she now deeply loathes.

Stan attempts to fulfill Francine's dream of fame by arranging for her to be attacked by a swarm of paparazzi, at the grocery store, but she informs him that her real dream is to destroy Clooney. Her plan is to woo him, win his heart, then break it, and "watch him cry until his eyeballs bleed". Stan thinks her dream is the craziest, most unsettling thing he's ever heard, but he's happy to do it. Stan and Francine fly to Prague, where Clooney is staying for the production of his new movie, Dr. Love. When they get to their hotel, Stan reveals that he has hired mercenaries to gather info on Clooney, which Francine uses to her advantage. They start out with Stan becoming friends with Clooney after sending his other friends on a freighter to China.

Through the course of a year, Clooney meets Francine (who has learned and mastered everything Clooney loves) and falls in love with her. By the next year, Francine has total control over Clooney's heart, but Stan has developed a bromance with Clooney and warns him that Francine is a mother (he shows a picture of his family excluding himself). Now becoming psychotic, Francine plans to kill him if she can't break his heart. To stop her, Stan handcuffs her to a pipe in the hotel room, but she gets free by cutting off her own hand. The two engage in a motorcycle chase to a spa where Clooney is relaxing. Francine beats Stan, who is left hanging from a cliff. Stan asks her what the real reason is behind her hatred of Clooney, and it turns out this is just her way of having a mid-life crisis. Stan talks her out of killing Clooney, and the two head back to the hotel (where Francine's hand has been put on ice to be re-attached). Stan breaks Clooney's heart himself by breaking off their friendship, while a gleeful Francine watches through video cameras hidden in Clooney's room. With Francine finally satisfied, Stan hugs her and wishes her a happy 40th birthday. Even though he pretends to be happy about breaking George's heart, Stan cries when he sees a video of George weeping.

In a side story, while Francine and Stan are in Prague, Roger has the pool drained and filled with soil to grow a vineyard. But because he's too weak and lazy to tend it himself, he adopts some foster children and treats them like his slaves. Steve hates having to share his room with them, so Roger has two cute girls be his "personal assistants". Steve and Roger then live a privileged life: growing mutton chops and smoking pipes while the children work in the vineyard. Hayley tries to get Roger to stop treating the children like slaves, but since she is dying from a disease implied to be some form of cancer, can do little to stop him. In the end, she beats the disease and lives, then obeying the promise she made to God, is capable of contacting Child Services to save the kids from Roger. Roger lets them go without a fight after he tastes the wine they made and finds it horrible.


The episode was watched by a total of 6.86 million people, this made it the third most watched show on Animation Domination that night, beating King of the Hill but losing to Family Guy and The Simpsons with 8.41 million.[2]


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