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TechNet is a United States political lobbying organization which represents public policy interests for technology issues. TechNet operates through a network of CEOs and Senior Executives to promote the growth of technology and the innovation economy. At last count, TechNet represents two million employees and $800 billion in revenues.[1]

Members include Dell, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Morgan Stanley, Intel, EMC, NASDAQ, Western Digital, Yahoo, Apple and many other venture capitalists, investment institutions, and large companies with a vested interest in US Congressional legislation.[2]


John Doerr, a renowned Silicon Valley venture capitalist, united a group of leading tech industry CEOs to found TechNet in 1997. As a venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in Menlo Park, California, Doerr had cultured the early success of many prosperous technology companies including Netscape,, Intuit, and Google.[3] TechNet encouraged further success for these companies, advocating education and litigation reform, and policies for the innovation economy.

In November 2009, the TechNet Executive Committee appointed Rey Ramsey as the new CEO. Ramsey began working in January 2010, ushering in a time of growth for the company. Leading the company, Ramsey has maintained outspoken support for universal broadband access, and the innovation economy.


TechNet's published mission statement reads:

To serve as the voice and advocate of the innovation economy by uniting CEOs and Senior Executives with leading policy makers in a bipartisan effort to sustain and advance America’s global leadership in technology and innovation. We accomplish this through:

  • Aggressive political advocacy for both Democratic and Republican candidates and elected officials;
  • Promotion of focused public policies that strengthen the innovation economy;
  • Meetings with elected officials, Administration representatives and candidates for elective office;
  • Financial support of political candidates; and
  • Events and industry-based initiatives that educate thought leaders and the public about technology policy issues.

TechNet, Who We Are [1]

Office Locations[edit]

  • Washington, DC
  • Silicon Valley
  • Sacramento, California
  • Albany, New York
  • Boston
  • Austin, Texas


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