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The TechSpot Logo
Web address
Type of site
Technology Website
Registration Optional
Available in English
Owner TechSpot Inc.
Created by Julio Franco
Launched 1998
Current status Active

TechSpot is a computer technology online publication created in 1998 by Julio J. Franco. TechSpot delivers information and analysis catered to computer enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals in the IT sector. Throughout its history, most of the site's writers and contributors have had formal IT degrees or backgrounds, but none have been journalists. Many of these writers have come to the site as readers and forum members and then went on to become full-time paid contributors, a tradition that's been kept to this day.

Regular editorial content includes tech news, product reviews, software downloads, and buying guides. TechSpot also hosts a catalog of thousands of tech products which are assigned a metascore, as reviewed by expert sites from across the web. TechSpot is read by over 5 million users each month.[1]


TechSpot started as a blog called 'Pure Rendition' reporting news on nascent 3D accelerator technology based on the Rendition Verite chip, one of the first consumer 3D processors capable of improving graphics in mainstream home computers. Shortly after the site was renamed '3D Spotlight'[2] to report on the wider 3D industry as delivered by then major players 3dfx and later Nvidia/ATI.[3] In 2001, the site acquired the domain rights and was renamed to TechSpot, by then the website was receiving around 1 million visitors every month.

Recent Additions[edit]

As of 2014, new features added to the site include the Product Finder database and upgrades to the XenForo forum software. In March 2014, a website revamp was launched, dubbed TechSpot 3.0. The update introduced a cleaner and faster design that works across desktop and mobile devices.[4]

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