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TWiT Netcast Network
Launched April 2005 (2005-04)
Owned by Leo Laporte, TWiT LLC
Country United States
Language English
Broadcast area Worldwide, via Internet
Headquarters 140 Keller Street,
Petaluma, CA
Streaming media
Live Webcast TWiT Live, (Free, available in English)

The TWiT Netcast Network, which is the operating trade name of TWiT LLC, is a podcast (although TWiT uses the term netcast) network founded by technology broadcaster and author Leo Laporte and run by CEO Lisa Kentzell and News Director Mike Elgan. The network began operation in April 2005 with the launch of This Week in Tech. Security Now was the second podcast on the network, debuting in August of that year. Currently, the network hosts twenty six podcasts and several live streaming shows, covering various topics including Apple, Microsoft, Google, computer security, social networking and current technology news.

TWiT founder and owner Leo Laporte, in an October 2009 speech, stated that it grosses revenues of $1.5 million per year, while costs are around $350,000.[1] Later on October 24, 2009, Leo said during the TWiG (This Week in Google) show that revenues for the year would be closer to $2.5 million. Originally, the network started solely from his own funding as well as setting up a contribution system similar to the public radio model (but not tax-deductible). As the network has grown, a market for advertising in podcasts also developed, and most of the current shows carry advertising. On December 12, 2009, a message on the network's website stated that Leo was going to modify the company's funding: advertising would be used to run the company, and any contributions would go solely for his salary. However, this caused such a sudden increase in donations that he has unofficially stated he would limit how much he takes as income, and save the rest in a fund for future projects, such as a new studio.[citation needed]

TWiT gets its name from its first and flagship podcast, the popular This Week in Tech. The logo design originated from a traditional logic gate symbol of an "AND gate" turned on its side.

Bumper played at the beginning of every netcast on the TWiT Network

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The TWiT network was started by Leo Laporte in April 2005 after he posted a recording to his website,,[2] of him and other friends from TechTV talking about technology. Within days, the recording had been downloaded by thousands of people worldwide, and Leo started TWiT. As of 2014, the network has grown to over twenty six shows, and now has millions of viewers from all over the world. employs over 17 people in full and part-time positions.

On July 24, 2011, the network moved from their former building, the "TWiT Cottage", which had been in use since 2004, two blocks north, to a larger building known as the "TWiT Brick House". The new building cost US$1.2 million.[3]

At the 2013 New Media Expo, Leo quoted revenue history for TWiT.

2005: $100,000 (donations);
2006: $300,000 (advertisements);
2007: $750,000;
2008: $1 million;
2009: $3 million;
2010: $4.5 million;
2011: $5 million;
2012: $5.75 million;
2013: $7 million (forecasted).

Show development[edit]

The following timeline gives an overview of TWiT shows and major changes through time - grouped into shows produced today, shows no longer on TWiT but still produced and shows no longer produced at all.

TWiT Live[edit]

Starting on April 30, 2008 Leo Laporte began broadcasting live video from his studio in Petaluma, CA at . The format at times is free flowing, however it mostly serves as a live video feed of TWiT Network podcast creation. Guests usually appear via Skype for their respective podcasts, occasionally appearing via telephone when the Skype network has been down. Guests may also appear live in the studio if they are in the area. Production was handled by Leo himself using a NewTek Tricaster Broadcast in the old TWiT Cottage studios, but it is now handled by various specialist staff using a Tricaster 850 Extreme streaming to flash video sites BitGravity, and for the main TWiT Live page. Viewers can interact with the show through either Ustream and's chat rooms or through an IRC chat room. There is an approximate time delay of 10 seconds on the live stream.

TWiT Live has been used to air live coverage of large tech events. Leo produced live coverage of the 2009 Apple WWDC complete with a live pirate video stream from the auditorium floor. The current record for coverage on TWiT Live is the "24 Hours of the iPhone" event in July 2008, tracking the launch of the iPhone 3G around the globe as it went on sale in every timezone at 8am local. Leo stayed on air for the full 24 hours with only a few quick breaks. Calls were taken from people in line around the world, TWiT regulars, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Leo gave away 10 iPhone 3Gs during the broadcast complete with free audiobooks from

In January 2010, Leo Laporte and the TWiT team covered Consumer Electronics Show live from a stage in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. They covered two parties, Digital Experience Press Event and ShowStoppers Press Event live though an in-house built wireless broadcasting rig using a tablet computer which connected a camera and two microphones together and was streamed though EVDO and 3G cards. The broadcasting rig was made by TWiT's former Vice President of Engineering, Colleen Kelly. The trip to Consumer Electronics Show was sponsored by Ford Sync, Audio and Video podcasts were made and published on iTunes and on the TWiT website. It was the first time in a six-year gap that Leo Laporte visited Consumer Electronics Show after the take over of TechTV. Laporte also announced that he was hopefully going to be back at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011 which he did.

In May 2010, Leo announced that TWiT would do more live coverage of major events and breaking news. Since then, they have covered events such as Google I/O, WWDC, E3, Maker Faire, Dragon Con, South By Southwest, Macworld Expo, and the Consumer Electronics Show. They have also covered breaking news such as Eric Schmidt stepping down as CEO of Google, Hewlett Packard's acquisition of Palm, Inc, Steve Jobs' resignation and death, the verdict in the US portion of the Apple vs. Samsung case, and various press conferences and keynotes from companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook.

Current netcasts[edit]

Note: All Times are in Pacific Time.

Show Description Genre Hosts Former Hosts Schedule Launch Date
This Week in Tech The flagship netcast of the TWiT network and its namesake, it features roundtable discussions and debates surrounding the latest technology news. It is casually referred to as TWiT, thus spawning the name of the network built around it. The podcast was originally known as Revenge of The Screen Savers in reference to the original panel's former show, The Screen Savers, but it was shortly thereafter changed when Leo received a cease and desist from Comcast, owners of TechTV's intellectual property rights, arguing it too closely resembled the defunct show's name. Roundtable,
Technology News

Sunday 3:00 PM

Apr 17, 2005
Tech News Today Every weekday, Mike Elgan and Jason Howell explore the most important stories of the day in conversation with the world's leading journalists. Technology News

Weekdays 10:00 AM

Jun 1, 2010
Tech News 2Night Hosted by Sarah Lane (Jason Howell on Fridays), every weeknight, "Tech News 2Night" is a quick evening tech news roundup consisting of the top tech news since the morning broadcast of Tech News Today and also dives into the biggest stories of the day. Technology News

Former Host Rotation (until February 2014):

Weeknights 4:00 PM

January 13, 2014

Security Now Security Now! consists of a discussion between Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson about issues of computer security and, conversely, insecurity. It was the second show to premiere on the TWiT Network, launching in summer 2005. Every second episode consists of listener questions and feedback. Security News

Tuesday 1:00 PM

Aug 18, 2005
The Social Hour The first of the TWiT shows to be broadcast live (via TalkShoe), The Social Hour focuses primarily on the world of social media. It was previously known as both Inside The Net (through Fall 2006) as well as net@night (through Spring 2011). Social Media

Thursday 11:00 AM

Mar 28, 2011
The Giz Wiz
In this weekly (formerly daily) netcast, Chad Johnson and Mad Magazine writer Dick DeBartolo discuss classic, strange and appealing gadgets. Gadgets

Wednesday 4:30 PM

Feb 20, 2006
FLOSS Weekly FLOSS Weekly features interviews with key figures from the free software community. Free Software, Interview

Wednesday 8:30 AM

Apr 7, 2006
Windows Weekly A weekly Microsoft netcast devoted to Microsoft software and hardware, including Windows, Office, Xbox, Zune, Windows Phone, Surface, and Bing in depth. Its first episode debuted in the Fall of 2006. It is one of the most popular podcasts on TWiT. Microsoft

Wednesday 11:00 AM

Sep 28, 2006
Leo Laporte The Tech Guy Leo Laporte's syndicated weekend technology call-in radio show distributed by Premiere Radio Networks. Only ads read by Laporte are kept, station commercial breaks are cut out. Currently distributed on two-day delay at the behest of affiliate stations. The Tech Guy began in its current form in 2004, thus predating the TWiT network. Call In

Saturday 11:00 AM
Sunday 11:00 AM

Jan 3, 2004
MacBreak Weekly A weekly netcast devoted to Apple including Mac and iOS in depth. Apple

Tuesday 11:00 AM

Aug 12, 2006
This Week in Law Law-focused netcast that was debuted on TWiT's feed during a week TWiT was not produced in the Fall of 2006. Technology Law

Friday 11:00 AM

Oct 22, 2006
This Week in Google This netcast features the latest Google and cloud computing news. Google,
Cloud Computing,

Wednesday 1:00 PM

Aug 1, 2009
This Week in Computer Hardware A netcast about processors, hard drives, and other types of high-end, consumer hardware. PC Hardware

Thursday 6:00 PM

May 7, 2009
Home Theater Geeks Each week Scott Wilkinson, editor of and, along with one industry guest explores the technologies behind the perfect home theater experience. Home Theater

Thursday 2:30 PM

Dec 14, 2009
iPad Today A netcast dedicated to the Apple iPad and its apps. iPad

Monday 11:00 AM

Jul 8, 2010
Triangulation Leo Laporte interviews someone important in the tech world each week. Interview

Monday 1:00 PM

Jan 20, 2011
All About Android A netcast discussing the latest and greatest on Google Android. Android

Tuesday 5:00 PM

Mar 28, 2011
Ham Nation A netcast dedicated to the latest in amateur radio. Ham Radio

Wednesday 6:00 PM

May 24, 2011
Before You Buy Before You Buy is a product reviews show on the TWiT Network. TWiT staff get together to test out the latest gadgets, from phones to cameras, to help consumers make wise buying decisions. Product Review

Tuesday 3:00 PM

December 15, 2011

Know How... TWiT's how-to show tackling topics in computing and showing you how to do them with hands-on demos. DIY,
How To

Thursday 12:30 PM

July 5, 2012

This Week in Enterprise Tech A netcast featuring a case study and the solutions top IT professionals use to get the job done. While geared toward business technology, this show is loaded with information every geek can use. Enterprise,
Business Tech

Monday 2:30 PM

July 16, 2012

iFive for the iPhone In this quick show devoted to the iPhone, Sarah Lane features five tips or apps to help you get the most out of your Apple iPhone. iPhone

Wednesday 3:00 PM

July 16, 2012

OMGcraft Your one-stop-shop for everything Minecraft. Discover the big new tips, tricks, spotlights, courses, and stuff you should know about Minecraft. Minecraft,

Thursday 5:00 PM

August 15, 2012 (April 1, 2013 as an official TWiT show)

Coding 101 Coding 101 demonstrates coding techniques, concepts, and a variety of programming languages. Computer Programming

Thursday 1:30 PM

January 23, 2014

Marketing Mavericks Marketing Mavericks covers the intersection of marketing and tech. Each week, Tonya Hall interviews top marketing professionals to discuss case studies, communication strategies, and brand insights on social media, trends, and analytics. Marketing

Tuesday 11:30 AM

April 8, 2014

Android App Arena A netcast dedicated to the latest and greatest apps and games available on the Google Android mobile platform. Hands-on demos, category shoot-outs, a closer look at the biggest new app of the week, and in-depth interviews with some of Android's best developers (a.k.a. iFive for the iPhone for Android apps). Android Apps

Friday 1:00 PM

June 13, 2014

TWiT Live Specials TWiT staff members anchor breaking news coverage of important technology events. Breaking Technology News
  • TWiT Staff

Anytime Important Technology Events or Breaking News happens

December 29, 2009


This Week in Tech was the recipient of the 2005, 2008, and 2010 People's Choice Podcast Awards Technology category. Tech News Today was the recipient of the 2012 International Academy of Web Television award for Best News Web Series. This Week in Computer Hardware, Home Theater Geeks, NSFW, This Week in Tech, MacBreak Weekly, TWiT Live Specials, iPad Today, Tech News Today, The Tech Guy, This Week in Google, and Windows Weekly were named Best of 2010 in Podcasts by iTunes Rewind.[4] In 2011, This Week in Tech was named to Best Technology Podcast and TWiT Photo was named to Best New Technology Podcast by iTunes Rewind.[5]

The TWiT studio[edit]

The TWiT cottage was the original studio where all of the TWiT shows were recorded and produced. The TWiT cottage was located at 8 Keller Street, Petaluma, California. The TWiT cottage accepted visitors from around 11 AM until 4 PM Pacific time, except for Mondays and Fridays, when they are closed to visitors.

The official move took place at 2 PM PDT on July 24, 2011. Dubbed "the TWiT Brick House," the name was conceived during a Daily Giz Wiz episode with Dick DeBartolo. This name derives from the fundraising bricks sold to defray part of the cost of building the new studio. The event garnered plenty of attention, and was live streamed via LiveU over 3G. CEO of TWiT, Lisa Kentzell took care of most of the arrangements. The 10,000-square-foot (930 m2) studio itself is only two blocks away from the original studio, the TWiT cottage, at 140 Keller Street, Petaluma, California.[6] The Brick House studio was designed by Roger C. Ambrose while camera and lighting design was created by Brent Bye. The building itself is the former home of BiAS Sound, as well as serving as a drug store, and was originally built as a furniture factory.

Former TWiT Network netcasts[edit]

Show Description Genre Hosts Launch Date End Date
This Week in YouTube Lamarr Wilson and Chad Johnson explored the world of online viral video, including news, trends, and production tips. Lamarr now hosts a 4-6 minute show on the Mashable network called "YouTube Weekly." Online Video April 15, 2013 December 16, 2013 (on hiatus)
Frame Rate Tom Merritt and Brian Brushwood discussed the development of online television and "cutting the cord". They now host it independently under the name "Cordkillers". Cord Cutting November 10, 2010 December 16, 2013
NSFW Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young's long running comedy show. Brian and Justin now host it independently under the name "Night Attack". NSFW December 14, 2009 February 26, 2014
TummelVision With Heather Gold, Deb Schultz & Kevin Marks. TummelVision promises to "explore the art of social engagement in culture, business and technology in the context of the social web, the Internet and the networked age." The show's website is Lifestyle May 19, 2012 (on hiatus)
Jumping Monkeys Jumping Monkeys was a netcast that focused on parenting in the digital age with Megan Morrone and Leo Laporte. Each episode featured an interview with someone from the world of technology who is also a parent. The hosts discussed interesting web sites from the three categories "spend, save, give" and read listener feedback. The show was 'on hiatus' for a number of months until Morrone confirmed on her blog that she would not return to the show. Parenting June 8, 2007 November 15, 2008
Inside the Net Inside the Net was a weekly netcast with Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte covering new and interesting aspects of the Internet. It has been superseded by net@nite (now The Social Hour) in the fall of 2006. Internet November 29, 2005 See The Social Hour
The Laporte Report A feed of appearances by Leo Laporte on other radio shows, such as Bill Handel on KFI and John Donabie on CFRB. A similar feed for all netcasts that Leo is on can be found at Radio Leo. Technology News September 15, 2006 February 16, 2008
iLifeZone iLifeZone focused on the Apple iLife suite and other Mac similar applications. The podcast moved to the podcast network Podango before ceasing production. Apple iLife
TWiT Fit This netcast was a fitness show in which personal trainer, Al Scardino showed geeks some fitness techniques which can be used behind the desk. Fitness August 21, 2008 September 3, 2009
this WEEK in FUN TWiF discussed funny news stories from the world of technology, as well as within mainstream media. Host Sarah Lane announced on her blog that it would be going on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time.[7] Comedy December 18, 2008 January 18, 2010
Roz Rows The Pacific Interviews with rower Roz Savage's voyage as the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean. It ended after she landed in Madang, Papua New Guinea, finishing her voyage. Voyaging June 3, 2008 June 4, 2010
Maxwell's House An in-depth discussion with the former Lab with Leo Laporte segment host Ray Maxwell about how science applies to technology, with common subjects including aviation, color science, photography and how current and former technologies work. On June 24, 2010 it was announced that Maxwell's House 78 would be the final episode[8] and had been canceled due to lack of advertising. Science October 7, 2008 June 27, 2010
Current Geek Weekly A show with TechTV alumnus Tom Merritt, former executive editor of CNET, and Scott Johnson at Frog Pants Studios, LLC, the show joined the TWiT Live network as a weekly show in addition to thrice-weekly short format show. The show discusses five to six geeky and nerdy topics of the week from video games, science and math. The audio was/is released at It ended on January 14, 2011 as Scott and Tom decided to focus more on the Daily episodes instead, later morphing into segments on The Morning Stream. In 2014, they decided to revive it and host it independently on the Frog Pants Network. Geek/Nerd March 19, 2010 January 18, 2011
Munchcast A food focused netcast hosted by San Francisco radio personality Cammy Blackstone and Leo Laporte. Returned from hiatus because it won the 2009 People's Choice Podcast Award Food and Drink category. It is currently on hiatus due to scheduling issues. Food and Drink July 27, 2007 July 13, 2010
The Gillmor Gang
The Gillmor Gang was more focused on technology reviews. TWiT ceased carrying the show when Mike Arrington, during the June 6, 2009 show, accused Leo of compromised journalistic integrity for receiving a Palm Pre 5 day review unit.
A show with TechTV alumnus Tom Merritt, former executive editor of CNET, and Scott Johnson at Frog Pants Studios, LLC, that ran from Aug 30, 2010 to June 11, 2012. Tom and Scott would bring in two guests each week to discuss the future. Declining viewership and the hosts desire to focus on new projects lead to the show's cancelation.
Futures in Biotech
Looked at emerging biotechnology and interviews prolific members of the field. It was hosted by Marc Pelletier. It was cancelled in July 2012 due to low viewership and Pelletier's busy schedule.
Dr. Kiki's Science Hour
a show with Kirsten Sanford about assorted science topics. The initial episode was aired on April 30, 2009. It was cancelled in June 2012 due to low viewership.
TWiT Photo
A podcast about photography, hosted by Leo Laporte and Catherine Hall (formerly Lisa Bettany). It was cancelled in June 2012 due to lack of advertising.
This Week in Radio Tech
Hosted by Kirk Harnack and regular guests Chris Tobin of CBS Radio, Chris Tarr of Entercom, and Tom Ray of Buckley Broadcasting, the show discussed the world of radio technology. It was cancelled in June 2012 due to low viewership.
Green Tech Today
Debuted August 4, 2010, Sarah Lane and Kirsten Sanford discuss green and environmentally friendly technology. Unlike other TWiT shows, this podcast was filmed outside the TWiT cottage and uses pre-recorded segments. It was retired in 2011.
Game On!
Veronica Belmont and Brian Brushwood discuss and Review Video Games, with a LAN party (Named Shut Up And Play, and hosted by Glenn Rubenstein) thereafter. It was cancelled after 13 episodes due to high production costs.
Late Night Tech
Previously titled Tech Talkback, Late Night Tech consisted of Erik Lanigan taking viewer calls on the week in technology. In November 2011, Erik Left TWiT on sour terms due to a misunderstanding between him and Leo Laporte, causing the show to cease. Not appearing on the TWiT website, archives are available on YouTube.
Abby's Road
Hosted by Abby Laporte (Leo's daughter), Abby's Road was about teen issues and college, geared toward teens, parents, and educators. It was cancelled in 2012 after Abby moved to college in New York.

Former TWiT Live shows[edit]

Three (formerly four) regularly recorded shows aired on TWiT Live, all externally produced shows that are released on their respective websites. These shows ceased recording on TWiT in July 2012, due to production costs on TWiT's end.

PC Perspective Podcast
A show with the staff of PC Perspective talking about hardware reviews, news and prizes. Aired Wednesdays at 7pm PT (USA) on TWiT Live, and is released in audio form at PC Perspective.
This Week in Science
Kirsten Sanford's Weekly Radio show on KDVS 90.3 FM.
Trey's Variety Hour
Brought together fun and clever people from all over the world to talk about photography, art, the future, and the dynamic nature of the new culture we are all building together.
East Meets West
A show with TechTV alumni Tom Merritt, former executive editor of CNET, and Roger Chang, senior producer at Revision3, the show joined the TWiT Live network with show 172. The show discusses various topics, such as TV, sports, technology, and politics. Live recording ended on TWiT in 2011 due to Tom's desire to not have the show be a weekly scheduled occurrence.

Pixel Corps ventures[edit]

The following podcasts were joint promotional ventures with Pixel Corps. They were co-listed on both and the websites, now only available on the PixelCorps website.

Inside the Black Box
Visual effects focused. Now hosted by Pixel Corps.
The VFX Show
Visual effects tips and tricks. Now hosted by Pixel Corps.
This Week in Media
A show focused on analyzing media and the change to New Media. Now hosted by Pixel Corps.
Mac focused video show and filmed in 540p. The podcast is now hosted by Pixel Corps. This is the brother of MacBreak Weekly on the TWiT network.

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