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Developer(s) Techinline Ltd.
Operating system Windows
Type Remote desktop software
License Proprietary
Website Techinline website

Techinline is a web based service[1] for remote support, remote control, desktop sharing, remote training, and file transfer between two computers.[2][3] The service operates with the Microsoft Windows operating system.[4] It is possible to remotely access and control a computer running Techinline with a web browser or as a stand-alone application.[5]

Establishing connections[edit]

To establish a connection between two computers, Techinline has to be launched on both machines. When the client’s version is started, it generates a random Client ID number. The client must communicate the obtained Client ID to the expert. The expert must enter this Client ID number to establish a connection from the local machine to the remote client’s machine.[2][6]


The local expert can chat with the remote client, view and control the client’s desktop,[7] and also allow the client to view and control their local desktop.[8]

The expert may reboot the remote machine and the connection will be restored automatically.[9]

Files can be transferred between machines by means of copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop methods.[5][10]

The service page can be integrated into any website, and the interface can be customized by adding a company logo, text, and fonts.[11]

Techinline's Unattended Access feature released August 2013[12]


Techinline uses a proprietary remote desktop protocol that is transmitted via SSL/TLS.[3][13]

Licensing policy[edit]

Two types of licenses are available: an unlimited subscription license or a per-session license.[4]

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