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Techniche Logo.jpg
The official logo of Techniche
Type Student Run, Non-Profit Organization
Founded 1999
Place Guwahati, India
Institute Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
Major events Technothlon, Half Marathon, Lecture Series, Industrial Conclave, Tech-scribe, Junkyard Wars, Brainchild, Social 360, Funniche, etc.

Techniche is the annual Techno-Management festival of the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India. Techniche was started in 1999 and is generally held in the first weekend of September and lasts for three days and four nights. It comprises numerous competitions, lectures, talks, exhibitions, workshops and nights.


Techniche was started in 1999 in the Technology complex of IIT Guwahati, starting in two rooms and growing to over 15,000 participants from colleges and schools all across India, UAE and Singapore. Techniche has played host to Nobel laureates, leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs like Richard Stallman, Kiran Karnik, Prabhu Chawla, Nathan Schulhof, Dr. John C. Mather, Jeff Lieberman, Mike Fincke, Kiran Bedi, Dr. Raghuram Krishnapuram, Yashavant Kanetkar, Pranav Mistry, Mark Toorock etc.

Techniche is a non-profit organization run by the student community of IIT Guwahati and promotes the development and honing of scientific and entrepreneurial skills in the academia and at the same time being socially responsible with its initiatives towards education amongst the underprivileged through its module 'We care'. Techniche is relatively very young in comparison to the other major college techno-management festivals of India,yet it has established itself amongst the biggest festivals of India in a very short period of time.

The symbol of Techniche are two pixelated saplings, orange and blue in colour. The saplings are the portrayal of how techniche integrates the 'youth' from all around the country and effects red the blue colour stands for the management face of Techniche while the orange represents the technological front of techniche.


The events of Techniche are differentiated into different testing and treating enthusiasts with competitions and lectures and workshops, etc. The module and event structure are as mentioned below -

Event structure[edit]

  • Lectures module comprises
    • The Lecture Series involves inventors,creators, Nobel laureates and experts interacting with the audience in the form of a talk.
    • The Industrial Conclave includes lectures on topics that are pertinent to the domains of management and industrial development by CEO's, entrepreneurs and business thinkers.
  • The Corporate Module
    • Brainchild - Business plan presentation
    • Product launch
    • Case Study Competition
    • Start-up Showcase
    • Stratagem, etc.
Social 360
  • Competitions
    • Parliamentary debate.
    • Junkyard Wars
    • Code wars
    • Crime scene Investigation.
    • Tech-scribe paper presentation. etc.
  • Funniche
    • LAN based gaming.
    • Casino,etc.
  • Robotics
    • Manual.
    • Semi Autonomous.
    • Autonomous.
    • Workshops on robotics.
  • Pre-Defined
    • Tech-scribe (The scientific paper submission competition)
    • Aruna- Solving real world problems of rural India
  • Pradarshini
  • Workshops
    • Techniche conducts workshops in semi-autonomous robotics in 15 colleges across India and organized the 'One Day Ethical Hacking Workshop' the unmanned aerial vehicle workshop and fire fighting robots workshop etc.
  • Techniche Online
    • A set of general, science and astronomy quizzes along with online coding competition such as Ikaaru, digital fortress, byte code, etc.
  • Career Fair
  • Technothlon
    • The Annual International school championship consisting of quizzing, brainstorming, public speaking and workshops organized by Techniche. The first edition of Technothlon was witnessed in 2004 with a participation of 200. In 2006, the participation expanded to include the seven-sister states of North-East India and participation reaches 750. In 2008, Technothlon went National with a record participation of 18,000, which has grown ever since.
    • With over 70 national centres and 5 international centers, Technothlon went International in 2010 and received participation in very large numbers, thus making it the most successful event of Techniche.
    • Technothlon consists of events for school children from class 9th to 12th being divided into two squads- namely 'junior' squad and 'haut' squad. A preliminary round is set which is usually held in mid July and only the selected teams then come for the finals, which are held during the time of Techniche.
  • After the Sunset
    • This module of Techniche puts forward entertainment after a long scheduled day of competitions, workshops and exhibitions ends. Being presented are laser shows, panel discussions, 'Search String' -the quiz, fire-shows and Nite performance by solar punch, révolution de la musique, etc.

Other initiatives[edit]

Guwahati Half Marathon[edit]

Guwahati Half Marathon 2010

The Guwahati half marathon initiative was started first on 30 August, Techniche 2009, with a participation of more than 1000 in the two events proposed in the debutante year - The Glory Run(18 km) and The Dream Run(6 km) For the second time it was organized on August 29, 2010 with more than 5000 participants in the 4 categories.This time the event included in addition a '21 km pro run' and a '21 km' cycle race with the motto of shaping the youth's attitude towards the environment and the motto was ~ "Youth for environment" Special attendees included Zublee Baruah-singer, Akash Chopra -cricketer and world’s largest parkour group "American Parkour" and a coverage of the event was provided by Assam Tribune and NDTV India.In upcoming years 2011 and 2012, Guwahati Half Marathon had gone bigger and better. In 2011, Guwahati Half marathon witnessed a total participation of more than 5000 participants. A new event, the Painting Competition was introduced in 2011.In 2012, GHM had a tagline of "Run for Unity" . A college championship was also introduced in this year. In 2013 GHM had taken a leap.Great Film director "Mr. Rakyeah Om Prakash Mehra" had graced in this edition to spread theme of "Run for a better tomorrow." In 2014 Guwahati is going to witness its sixth edition with a motto of spreading message of "Run to affect the shift."

Social 360[edit]

Participant social 360

On March 27, 2011 Techniche organized a one day camp for the children of 'Snehalyala' orphanage visited the campus for a one day tour of the campus and were made part of dance, dramatics, arts workshop conducted by Team Techniche and provided counseling and motivational talks by the institute psychologist and faculty members as a part of the event social 360.

Blood donation camp[edit]

Techniche, as a part of its social initiative has held blood donation camps, in the IIT Guwahati Hospital, for the three days the festival commences.

Journey through the years[edit]

Techniche 2012[edit]

  • The Theme for Techniche’12 was “Pixelating Perfection”
  • Lecture Series (Highlights)
  • Competitions
    • “Escalade” -The All India Robotics Competition – “Escalade” held in all major cities of the country.
    • Brain Child- The annual B-Plan writing competition was organized in association with the top venture capitalist firms and Angel Investors of India.
    • Product Launch- With an aim to promote technological entrepreneurship, competition to eliminate an existing real world problem by proposing an innovative product for the market.
    • Sudoku- the Competition involving the classical Sudoku puzzle organized for the first time at Techniche.
  • Exhibitions by CID West Bengal, Metal Mate Robotics, Indian Institute of Robotics, Delhi Philately, Numismatics Society of Calcutta, Directorate of Forensic Science and Regional Science Centre.
  • After the Sunset
    • Paradigm Shift, The Mumbai based Progressive Rock Band.
    • Ebru Art (Turkish art form of painting on water) by Danny Rodriguez
    • Vilas Nayak, India’s first speed painter.
    • Laser Show.
  • Technothlon topped all the previous years and recorded a record breaking participation from over 150 cities all over the country and abroad.

Techniche 2011[edit]

Techniche 2010[2][edit]

This edition of Techniche was held from 2 to 5 September 2010. It included live performances by "American Parkour" and the introduction of the first ever Industrial Conclave of the festival.

  • Lecture series (highlights)
    • Richard Stallman - Father of the Free Software Foundation,
    • Nathan Schulhof - Father of the mp3 industry,
    • Jeff Lieberman - Host Time warp,
    • Giorgio Metta - Father of the babybot,
    • Kiran Karnik- Former President NASSCOM,
    • Mark Toorock - Founder of American Parkour,
    • Pranab Kumar Barbora - Air Chief Marshall,
    • Suhas Gopinath - CEO of Globals inc,
    • Gopal G.D. Shrikanth - 'CEO Coach',
    • Yashwant Kanetkar - author and director KICIT,
    • Manish Gupta- Director IBM research.
  • Exhibition by Iqbal Ahmed included the smallest steam engine in the world as acknowledged by the Guinness World Records
  • Exhibition by NDRF on coping with natural disasters and live demonstrations.
  • Technothlon went International with 5 countries and 70 centres total.
  • Live performances were presentated by quick change artists and fire angels.

Techniche 2009[edit]

Laser show : Techniche 2009
  • Lecture Series (Highlights)
  • Robotics
    • Salvador - Manual
    • SWAT - Semi autonomous.
    • Burnout - Autonomous IC engine dirt car race.
  • Technothlon participation crossed the 1 lac mark.
  • The first Guwahati Half Marathon was held on 30 August 2009.
  • Laser show was conducted in the Nites and specials module.

Techniche 2008[edit]

This was the decade edition of Techniche and saw the lecture series module include Nobel laureate Dr. John C. Mather. The events of Techniche 2008 included-

  • An Air Show by the Indian Air force.
  • An exhibition by the Indian Army.
  • A vintage car rally.
  • Workshops on Management and HAM Radio and robotics by Vigyan Prasar.
  • A national-level parliamentary debate was held for the first time.
  • Prabhu Chawla (Editor, India Today), Dr. C. Mohan (Chief Scientist, IBM India), Dr. Harish Chandra Verma, Nassim Haramein (protagonist, the Resonance Project), Michel Danino (noted French archaeologist), and Amitabh Khare (IRCON) delivered lectures.
  • Video Conferencing was included for the first time in Techniche.
  • Technothlon became national and got a record participation of 18,000.

Techniche 2007[edit]

Inaugurating on the 7th of September, Techniche 2007 is a three day celebration of innovation. In this edition of Techniche TechnicheOnline was launched and universities from all over the world like Stanford University(US); University of California, Berkeley (US); Virginia Tech(US); MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)(US); London School of Economics(UK), Tsinghua University, Beijing participated in the online module of TECHNICHE 2007.

Techniche witnessed the participants from across the country including the Nagpur, Hyderabad, Vizag, Chennai, Bangalore, Bhopal, Jaipur, Delhi, Srinagar, Ghaziabad, Agra, Lucknow, Banaras, Jamshedpur, Patna, Calcutta, Bhuwaneshwar.

The major events of this edition of Techniche were -

  • Inauguration by Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma, Minister, Health & Family Welfare, Guwahati Development, Information Technology and Science & Technology. Government of Assam.
  • Kiran Bedi (first woman IPS officer) is the Guest Speaker on the Inaugural day, i.e. September 7.
  • Robotics
    • Manual - robots playing Pac Man on ground.
    • Semi autonomous – Robots playing Tennis.
    • Autonomous - ‘The Ghost of Chernobyl’ man-like behaving machines.
    • Aqua Robotics - Aqua Husstle: A surface water event in which two bots dueled through 2 rounds while a steady jet of water flowed perpendicular to the tank to unsettle the dueling bots.
    • Glider making – designing prototypes of glider.
    • Pradarshini module saw a display of the Intel Quad Core Processor and the technologies developed by IIT Guwahati students themselves.
  • Launch of IIT Guwahati Intranet Campus Radio, now called RadioG. during the inauguration ceremony of Techniche, by the Minister of state, Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma himself.
  • A laser show was hosted for the first time in IIT Guwahati.


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