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Technocracy or technocrat may refer to:


  • Technocracy, a form of government by technicians; specifically: management of society by technical experts
  • Technocracy movement, a social movement that started in the United States, advocating a post-scarcity society based on energy accounting


  • Technocracy, a thrash / industrial metal band from Hayward, CA that was formed in 1998 by Phil Demmel after the break-up of Vio-lence. One eponymously titled full-length CD was released in 2001 on Mighty Spec Records. The eleven tracks concerned topics in politics, science, and technology. The band had broken up by 2002 and Mr. Demmel went on to join former Vio-lence bandmate Robb Flynn in Machine Head.
  • Technocracy (EP), a 1987 EP by the band Corrosion of Conformity
  • Technocracy (Mage: The Ascension), or Technocratic Union, a worldwide conspiracy in the roleplaying game Mage: The Ascension
  • Technocrat (comics), a DC Comics character and former member of the Outsiders