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Technomed Europe develops and produces medical accessories. Its core business is the development, production and marketing of electrodes for the neurophysiology market. Its expertise in needle development and manufacturing is used for OEM customers to develop specific product lines e.g. for pain treatment and other clinical applications.


Technomed Europe was founded as 'Technomed' in 1980 by John Paes, who is now head of the Board of Commissioners. Its first activities were the importation and distribution of medical accessories on the Dutch domestic market.

In 1994 the set-up of its own R&D department and the production of neurodiagnostic accessories were realized by founding a sister company called 'Technomed Engineering'. Technomed decided to focus on production fully and at the end of 1997 the domestic sales activities to end users on the Dutch market were sold. As a result of this reorganization, 'Technomed Europe' was created as the trading name of 'Technomed Engineering'.

Nowadays, Technomed Europe's core business is the development and production of neurodiagnostic accessories and the worldwide marketing of a range of medical accessories.