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Tedstone Delamere is a village in Herefordshire, England, 5.5 km (3.4 mi) north east of Bromyard.

St James' Church chancel was added by Sir George Gilbert Scott in 1856-57.[1]

At Tedstone Delamere the Sapey Brook runs its course from Upper Sapey, joining the river Teme just beyond Whitbourne. A story is told locally of a mare and a colt that had been stolen and the hoofprints when followed stopped at the bank of the Sapey brook. The owner prayed for their safe return and upon examining the bed of the brook saw hoofprints clearly visible in the rocky bottom. These hoofprints were followed and the thief caught, the horses being safely recovered. The nearby Hoar Stone is said to be the horse thief petrified for his crimes. A later version involves Saint Catherine of Ledbury as the owner of the horses. These petrosomatoglyphs are visible to this day.[2] The horse-thief was named Gray; he reputedly hid for several days in a barn which still stands a short distance from the Brook on the Tedstone Court estate and is referred to as 'Gray's Barn'.

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Coordinates: 52°13′30″N 2°26′56″W / 52.225°N 2.449°W / 52.225; -2.449